Monday, May 27, 2013

Hey remember that one time I wrote a really long email? Me neither...

We come to the Family History Center to do emailing. The ward FH director opens the door for us and has the computers all set up. She is so sweet, and always has sweet for us. Last week it was brownies, this week it is Twix. Yummy. It so nice!! We just sit and munch and talk to our families. It's pretty awesome. :)

Quote of the week: "It's like if the Holy Ghost took the form of an Elephant, sat on my head and screamed 'If you don't say this RIGHT NOW I'm going to fart!!'" May 23rd, 2012. 

This week has been so packed! I loved it!! We had exchanges twice this week. Exchanges are switching for 24 hours with your leaders so you can work on improving your missionary skills, and leadership skills. Sister Berger (my last companion, whom I love!) is our Sister Training Leader. She is in Kingman with Sister Jenson-Coon. Kingman is up in the mountains about an hour and twenty minutes away from us, towards Vegas. On Tuesday I was here in Havasu with Sister JCoon, and Saturday I was in Kingman with Sister Berger. Tuesday was so good! We had a few appointments, a few lessons to investigators with members there, and went to the Haucks for dinner! It was so good. Sister JCoon is really good at talking about the restored gospel in street contacting. She is so proud of what she believes! When people say their beliefs she respects that, but testifies that she knows there is a prophet on Earth today to lead and guide people to Christ. I think people listen so intently because she make it exciting and like a story that will change their life. (HEY WAIT! It is kinda... but for reals though.) On Saturday in Kingman we had FOUR LTMs (Lessons taught to investigators with members) That's how Saturday's go. At dinner we went to a family with four children. The father was baptized on December 15, and he baptized his wife and children on December 22! He teared up when he said "greatest Christmas present a man could get." The humility!! They are such a BOOM Mormon!! family. When I asked them how long they had been married the wife answered 18 years next month, and they HIGH FIVE'D!! It was probably the sappiest, cutest thing I have seen. They talked about how they have always seen God in their life but didn't realize it was Him until the missionaries told them. "We don't do enough for you, you gave us our salvation," he said. OH MY GOSH! They are such a wonderful example of a righteous family. The 16 year-old girl was being picked up for a date and we all went to the door and the dad had "the talk" with him, in front of EVERYONE. SO entertaining. (PS, ELI>>> She is super pretty! And tall, and smart and plays sports... yup. okay, I'm done.) I just loved being in their home. (OH! And she'll go on a mission, and be back like 6 months after you get back. Okay NOW I'm done.) 

I am going out to Kingman again tonight to stay with Sister JCoon, and next Tuesday I will have Sister Berger here in Havasu. It will be just like old times. Weird. I'm on my third companion... and they're all my SISTERS!! Mom... I hope you know they are all coming to live with us after the mission. So yeah. :) They are part of the family. 

I had no idea how much I knew in the scriptures. When we were going up to Kingman I realized I forgot my quad (Book of Mormon, Bible, Doctrine & Covenants and Pearl of Great Price all in one) so we called and asked if we should turn around. Sister Berger said had an extra for me to use. I knew it would not be worth the miles or the time to turn around but I was certainly afraid I wasn't going to be able to share any scriptures because I have my quad color coded and really organized with tabs and markings. I thought "well, I might as well just pray." And I can testify to you that my prayer was answered! I opened up to scriptures that were marked in mine without hesitation. I opened up to them quickly and when they were applicable!! It was so good! I even found a few new scriptures that I want to mark in mine!! I was so happy at me! :)
(Name that quote: "I'm so happy at me." "I'm happy at you, too." :D)

In the temple last Friday I thought out a youth activity! We are doing a missionary night. Not a night for them to bring friends but a night to learn how to help friends come to the gospel. We are going to focus on four things; invite, encourage, testify and love. They are going to do a real play (because the spirit doesn't mess around.) AND IT WILL BE AMAZING!  The Acoma Elders and us Crossman Peak Sisters here are going to make all of these chillens YEARN to share da gospel!! IT'S GOING TO BE SO GOOD! 

Also, Acoma asked us to sing in their sacrament meeting next Sunday. It's fast Sunday but they want us to do the same song we sang last week. Woo hoo. Gettin' requests now. :P 

Have I told y'alls that I love being a missionary? Because I do. I have grown so much as a person and a daughter, and a friend. (I think I'm actually a little taller too... :/ ) It's amazing how much I am capable of with the Lord's help. I feel FULL of the spirit everyday, and I never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever want to lose that feeling. It was amazing how there are moments I can feel my self being raised because of the spirit, or... distracted, in a way, from the unrighteous feelings that go on around us. It's so awesome and weird.

Hugs from Havasu 
Sister SO SO SO SO HAPPY Fields

I have so many funny one liners here in the field. I'm going to keep a journal and eventually tweet them. @mollyonamission!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Hey all of you should write SETH!!


Write Seth. He is such a good Elder!! :) He's been out a month and a half.... WHAT?? His mission is splitting July 1st. I hope he stays in the mission he is in... just for the sake of it's name. I mean, it's his dad's mission. His mailing address is 
Elder Setheroni 'n' Cheese Carstens
1250 Main Street
Broomfield, Colorado 80020

This week we get to start exchanges. Tonight I drive Sister Pence to Kingman to drop her off with Sister Berger, and I pick up Sister Jenson-Coon. I am looking forward to learning how to be a better "trainer" (really, Sister Pence is training me) from a second opinion. Sister JCoon is such a funny girl, and it only lasts 24 hours so I shouldn't get companion withdrawals too bad. I will report on how that goes next week. Saturday we have our second exchange. We are the only sisters out of valley, so it's just us four in a "sister district." 

I WANT TO SHARE A MISSIONARY POEM WITH YOU, but I keep leaving it in the apartment. Mom, thank you for the little notebook. It helps me to remember what I need to write about. and I will stick the poem in it! :) Also, THANK YOU FOR THE PACKAGE!! I love Seeds of Change SO MUCH. I am eating it right now... It's quick, portable, delicious and nutritious. I enjoyed eating sugary cereal as well! :) My companion was extremely entertained by the bacon in an envelope story I told her. Dad, you are famous here. Thank you so much for the sticky note supply. i certainly will use them ALL!! AND I LOVE BROCCOLI CHEESE SOUP!! It's 9007* here, but I am always in the mood for a nice, warm cup of soup and a skillet toasted tortilla. 

On Saturday we had an appointment every hour. It was the best. So packed full that we had to rush out of people's houses. I love that. Our Heavenly Father is blessing us, and allowing us to teach His  children. We had planned to talk to a street contact, Vicky. She was "confined to a power chair," but we found her power chair and not her... so... we knocked on the wrong door in her apartment building but the lady we talked to ended up being really interested and we gave her a Book of Mormon and she already started reading it! How crazy, huh? It's amazing how He knew where we would be because we had planned it so He put someone in our path to share the gospel with. 

Friday night we had a Luau for the ward, spearheaded by the Kalauli's. It lasted 2 hours and the entertainment and food didn't run out. It was honestly the BEST ward function I've ever been to. There were 14 non-members there and all of the ward members were talking to them and caring about them, and inviting them over. It was SO GOOD. The next day we had 5 non-members at church. WOOOO HOOOO! We invited the Elders and their investigators and a few came. We contacted a man at Wal-Mart last Monday and he and his wife and their two, teen-age sons came. It was successful and fun. Plus it was only, like, 94* outside! All the prayers worked!! :) 

Yesterday we sang in sacrament. What an awesome experience. Since our Stake President cried I would say we did a good job. I send Mom what the Relief Society President, Sister Petry (she accompanied us) recorded when we were practicing. Hopefully it all goes through.

I love you!! It's time to go bowling. Yay for bowling in a skirt. :P Let me know if there is anything we can do for you! 
Sister Fields Jr. ;)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Yesterday I realized how much I REALLY like my family.

I had a wonderful time talking to all of you yesterday. You truly mean the world to me. I loved telling you all the stories I was too lazy to type or just needed to see your faces during. I loved hearing about how things are back at home. Seriously the back yard looks so good. I haven't seen grass like that since I was at the temple. Everything here has rock. And RAIN! I loved seeing the rain. What they do have here, though, are QUAILS. And they all just had babies. They are like little, wobbly, puff-balls that follow around big quails. I love quails so much. I want to just chase the baby quails around. 

Anyways, I am sure birds isn't what you want to hear about. I am sorry about last weeks letter. It was a surprisingly hard week. A lot happened that I wish would have gone differently, but such is life. On Saturday, however, Jennifer was baptized. She talked about how in the first lesson I shared Ether 12: 27. (GO LOOK IT UP.) She bore her testimony on how much she needed the gospel in her life and in her children's lives. She said she will always remember me and that day. I think that's so crazy. To be remembered by someone's heart and spirit is so sacred and so... lucky. I am so proud to have been worthy of the Holy Ghost, and that his influence inspired her to change her whole life. It's AMAZING how far Jenny has come in these past two weeks. 

Also, MY NEW COMPANION. Wonderful. She is a singing ginger, we are pretty much best friends. :) Her name is Sister Pence and she decided to come on a mission because of the October 2012 announcement. However, she is 27. She had prepared for a mission and not submitted her papers twice before, then in October she KNEW she had to go. I am so lucky to have her. She deals with my madness and she promotes me being healthy and a good missionary. She went to Southern Virginia University and graduated with a degree in child and family development... cough cough Mormon much? She sings like and ANGEL and is number four of eight. I am happy to call her Sister. 

Things are going good this week. It's just slow and packed... as always. 
Oh my gosh I wish their were words for how much I love you! :)

Hugs from Havasu!!
Sister (and daughter and friend) Fields

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

BLOG> I am bored.

We only have an hour today. We were running late this morning. I love having a lot to do. It's weird to sit down for a whole hour, though. I am so used to go go go go go that an hour of sitting and talking about myself... weird. I am going to be an awkward child when I get home, I just know it! I am just too dedicated to talking to, thinking about, and serving others. It's weird to have a whole hour in the morning to get ready and eat breakfast. I just want to study for the people I am going to see that day. I love being a missionary. Have I said that yet? I hope I don't bore you by telling you I love it so much. But I do.

About my new companion!! I WISH I was training, but she is totally training me. She has "greenie power," and I know she won't even lose an ounce of it. She is ready to be 100% missionary and nothing else. Lake Havasu City isn't going to know what hit them!! She is the 4th of 8 children. And she is 27 but the age change in October made her want to serve. Ironic, huh? She loves her family and I love them too by the way she talks about them :) Plus, she is a fiery red-head. Of course we get along. She just got out of the MTC. And she was in the first group to enter the MTC with MORE SISTERS THAN ELDERS!! What the heck, right? That's so bomb. I am excited to spend my whole mission with sisters straight from the MTC. :P 

We now have almost 50 sisters in our mission. And I am ready for more, now. :) We also have 4 Assistants to the President because of how many missionaries there are. 

Jenny is getting baptized on Saturday. There is a lot to do :) I wish her kids were eight so they could get baptized with her. But they only have 2 years, and the bore their testimony in church on fsat Sunday. Crazy, huh? Just shows what praying for miracles can do for ya!

I'm sorry I'm not writing much. I REALLY need to write things down on sticky notes. I had been doing good. And I will next week.

This work is hard, but it's all worth it. 
No doubt.

~Sister Fields