Friday, March 1, 2013


"Tomorrow is supposed to be the day my call comes in the mail...
TOMORROW!!!!!!!! I have never been so excited for anything! I seriously would love to leave, yesterday! I am excited to know where I go, but I already feel like I am supposed to be there. My heart is being called there. Where ever "there" is. I know it will be exciting, and the BEST. I am more anxious to know when I am going. I feel like yesterday is the best option for me. I already lost my spot at BYU-I (No big deal... I'll sort things out when I get home) and my work knows my availability date is soon, my friends are mentally prepared for me to leave, I CAN BARELY EVER SIT DOWN FOR LONG BECAUSE I'M SO EXCITED.
But... This is probably going to be a hard lesson on patience. Woo for humility. :P"

~January 15th, 2013

"My call came today!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went to the mail box at two to wait for the call and the mailbox was empty. I am too excited to write the story. Wanna know where I'm going??

NEVADA LAS VEGAS!!!! IN FORTY DAY!!! March 6th, baby.

Excuse me while I freak out. K. Thanks."

~January 26th,  2013

"Today I wemt through the temple. Such a wonderful expierence. I have never felt so light.. so "fluffy" or so pain free. I am lucky to have the gospel in my life. I have a testimony of the truth of this gospel and I am beyond excited to share it in Nevada, Arizona and California. I just want to be the best for my Father in Heaven. Don't get me wrong, I know that it will be difficult. I know that the hard days will make up some of the harest days in my life. But I am convinced that the better days will be worth ANY pain I have. It would be selfish of me not to go on a mission. I want to go the MTC all ready. I... am HONESTLY beyond words.
If you ever have any questions, or are curious about learning more please visit and see for yourself what you want to know."

~January 29th, 2013

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