Monday, June 30, 2014

Man, sometimes too hard just feels so good.

This week has been a stretch. I wish there were words for the tired that I feel. I have been out for 16 months now (my stomach drops when I say that... every time) and I have worked all that I have for that long. I am emotionally, physically, spiritually and emotionally exhausted and I LOVE it. I just keep falling into my next step and I really truly believe that it is by the grace of God. I am so grateful for the knowledge of the truth that I have that fuels me to just keep going. We have set some pretty high goals for the next two and a half months that really need your prayers and your faith to accomplish. 

Sister Tuimaualunga (Sister Tui for short) is my new companion. She is here straight from the MTC! She is a fire ball! I love to feed off her fire. She is from American Samoa, so sometimes we need to just agree that neither one of us understands what the other is saying. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and love her culture in our home. 

This week we had a miracle lesson with a new investigator. Her name is Brett and she is a college professor. We knocked on her door and she opened it and let us in like she was expecting us. She asked why people are baptized and what it takes to be baptized. We taught the restoration of the gospel and it seemed like right before every point of the lesson SHE asked a question that led up to it. You can really tell that God has been preparing her to learn what we taught her that day.

Also, yesterday in church we had a musical program the last hour! It was cool to hear people bear their testimonies through song! I have found that music is really a perfect conduit for the spirit! I love to listen to the words of the hymns in church now- they share a unique message that I hadn't noticed before listening to the services with investigator ears again! 

I hope that each of you are happy this Independence Day! I am grateful to be serving in the Promised Land! One nation
under God, with liberty and justice for all has proved to ring true in my ears! I love my Savior, and I am grateful for Am'ricuh!

;) With all my love,
 Sister Fields

Meet Sister Tuimaualuga 


Monday, June 23, 2014

WEEK 68- Wait... huh? Who's been telling everyone 9 months? oh ME!! haha :)

So the rumors are true! I am training this next transfer that starts tonight. What a blessing to have that "greenie fire" in  my companionship once again!!! There are a few sisters coming in from Mexico and the rest from the states. Please pray for here. I know how hard the transition from MTC to field was difficult and she'll need all the blessing she can get! I really am so excited. I have been giggly all day!! 
Don't get me wrong, I am going to miss Sister Stoker with my whole heart. She and I teach so well together and get along with such ease. Someone asked if we knew each other from school or from being companions earlier in the mission. Neither! haha. We street contacted someone who was willing to listen to a brief part of our message and we taught the whole restoration in 15 minutes. We are just cool like that.That lady told us about her mother just passing away and how she wants the best for her father.

OH MY GOSH we just got a call and have to help some sisters out... I guess I will finish this next week. Love you all

~Sister Fields

emails suck to write

I am going to write funny things I recorded in my planner.
1. We were emailing last week when we heard a loud hard knock on the front door. 
Our member: "uh... Hello?"
The people: "Hello! We are your neighbors from the Jehovah's Witness church and we were wondering if we could share a short scri...."
our members: "sorry, I am busy visiting with the Mormon missionaries. They beat ya here!"
2. We were at a really old less actives lady's house and her hearing aide wasn't working.
Sister Stoker "Hi I am sister Stoker. I haven't met you before."
Sister Brown "Come closer dear! What's your name?? And have I met you??" (She yells everything)
Sister Stoker "Can we leave you with a prayer?"
Sister Brown "sorry, I NEVER fix my hair. Can we pray? But NOT TOO LOUD. THE PEOPLE HERE ARE MUSLIMS!!" 

Thank you Sister Brown. Hahah

3. A new word: Cimpliquest. It's when you start talking about yourself, fishing for a compliment that makes you feel like a vision. 

It's short, but it's funny. (kinda like Nicole Carson!)
Happy Monday everyone.
Much love,
The tired tired sister fields

I need to tell a story of what faith can do.

So this week Sister Stoker and I sent amazingly high goals. We were so pumped and prayed and fasted we would be able to have the energy and excitement to be able to work hard all week and to be lead to those whom are seeking for more peace, direction, and comfort I their lives. On Saturday the beautiful Jocelyn Gellabert came and spent the whole day with us :) we planned that day to find 8 new people to teach- a higher goal than most people achieve in a whole week. 

We did everything we were told and were completely on time and obedient. We talked to everyone we saw. We had an amazingly fun day.... But was no where close to our goal. I talked to Stoke ya out it at the end of the day and was actually really sad... I shouldn't be because I learned a lot but I wanted my goal to be reached. 

This Sunday (yesterday) she was an incredible example to me of never losing hope. We stopped and talked to someone, and swiftly moved on the the next place we needed to be. Over and over again. I am embarrassed to say had a bad attitude. "We don't even have a member with us, the best people we find with members." My face must have been as sour as my attitude because she began to notice... She assured me we would be blessed. 

We walked up to a potential invesitgators door - even though we had just watched him drive away - and knocked in faith. Sister Stoker said out loud "The Utah license plate is their member friend and they've been praying we'll come here to pray with them."

TRUTH! There was a member over visiting because the mother had just lost a son. They had prayed god would send someone to pray for them. It was a miracle. After the lesson, the walk back to the car felt long. My eyes were heavy with tears. Literally I learned that day that every prayer in heard in Gods own time... 

I am so blessed. I am grateful for that learning experience and I hope to have many many more!!

I love this mission. I love the gospel. I love Sister Stoker. I love my family, in Oregon AND in Las Vegas. I love the feeling I get when I can't help but smile because I feel the love of a kind and patient Savior.

-Sister Fields