Monday, July 29, 2013

Finally in Vegas after 4.5 months of being in the Vegas mission. #weird

I packed up my whole life in Lake Havasu City, and felt like a had all my things but was leaving everything behind. It was a odd thing but I knew that our Mission President is inspired with all the calls he makes. I was battling myself in my head about what kind of attitude I was going to have. I didn't know if I was supposed to be disappointed about leaving or excited to be here, or both... or neither. I just kind of pretended like everything was going to be the same. Honestly, when I found out I was going to be training in a singles ward... I got down on myself. Two things I really didn't know how to do. But this is the best!! We had a baptism this past week and we have two next week. Things are so much faster paced. In Havasu we could have a 45 minute street contact that could turn into a baptismal commitment. Here people want to schedule weeks in advance. I guess I just have to leave Havasu behind.
I will always miss Sister Pence. I KNOW that we will be best friends forever. She is the person I would drive cross-country to be with for a weekend movie premiere. I can't wait until Gretel, Courtney and Nicole meet her. They would love her. They probably already do. :) Sister Pence is my other half, I believe. She was sent to me through inspired means. And because of that I am grateful for her. She taught me things that I could never have learned from anyone besides Rebekah Estoria Pence.
I said good bye to Sister Wheatley on Tuesday... That was difficult. She said she doesn't want any other missionaries. She feels like we were the people prepared to bring the gospel back into her life. That kind of makes me sad. I want everyone to know that a missionary, no matter who they are if they are obedient, they can teach with the same power. But also... I love her. I feel like I talked to her before this Earth. Actually, I would bet on it. She feels like a sister. I pray every night that she remembers to read the scriptures, and I want her as part of my family in my wedding. Seriously, every time we stopped in to see her I felt like I needed to be there for years... It is an unexplainable feeling that comes from being a missionary. She and I are like two peas in a long lost pod. She hugged me good bye and as we cried she said "I knew you would be the one that had to bring the spirit back into my life... But I didn't know I would fall in love with you." That broke my heart and melted it all at the same time.
There are members of our church who are lost who only need a friend. I want to be there for EVERYONE. Gah, I feel like I never have enough time for missionary work but we are working all day. There could be missionaries on every block and they would have work to do. WHAT A BLESSING.

NOW let me tell you about Sister Cassie Coltrin.
She is about 5'4" for those who are curious about her height. I know Eli and I talked about how I need to tell him all the heights of my companions. She is from Michigan, and she is super awesome. We like the same kinds of music ( of course, mission appropriate music) and we like the same kind of food. I love her attitude about the gospel. I love that she is so enthusiastic about sharing and how she is so forward with leaving people commitments. I love to know that she has always got my back. She supports the things I say. I think I need to do that better. I need to testify of my companion's power and truth behind her words. I will work on that. :)

This Elder in front of me just said "Oh, you're sisters.. so you do whatever you want." He's just jealous we can wear skirts I am sure. I just creep-ed on his name tag. It's Elder Parkinson. Apparently we aren't supposed to email here because of our zone. Considering we cover the YSA's of his zone, I'm gonna finish my email. :)
This area is wonderful. The people here are so awesome. I loved being in church and seeing all the members flock to fellowship new people.  I love the enthusiasm that recently returned missionaries have. Our ward mission leader is BOSS. His name is Brother Cox... well, Jake. This is a single's ward so people go by their first names. That will take some adjusting. Or I could just change it... :) The area is giant, and it covers the mountains by the temple up to the strip. All the people we teach here want to be missionaries! It is so awesome, they ask how much it costs and when they would be able to go. They bare their testimony to me on how much they think going on a mission would influence their family. Hmm... I wonder how much it does. I just want you all to know I pray blessings to you everyday. I miss you a lot, but this is THE BEST.

This morning we woke up at 3:30 to hike the Sunrise Mountain and a Sunrise Zone to watch the sunrise. It was pretty spectacular. I will send pictures home next week, I just forgot my camera. :)
I love you all.
Smiles from Sunrise!! :)
Sister Fields

Transfer news, I'm moving North!

Sister Fields is.... DRUM ROLL....

where the GRASS is green and sometimes the sun doesn't shine. I AM SO EXCITED! I'm going to Vegas. And I will be training. And I will be in three stakes of singles wards. I'm not quite sure how much church that means yet... But however much I am looking forward to it! 

I am going to miss Lake Havasu City, Arizona. It has been to me. I have learned so much and made so many friends. Haucks, DJ, the Thayers, Sister Bayne, Kiel, the Duncans and Meemaw, Mundys,  Sister Petry, Bishop and Sister Hansen, Brother Nelson, Auntie Dianie, the Harkers, and so many wonderful people of the Crossman Peak Ward! I am grateful for the many delicious meals, spiritual lessons and laughs I have shared with the people here. They feel like family. It is an odd feeling I feel right now. I feel like I am packing up my things,putting them in the car, and leaving everything here... I have never been a missionary outside of Havasu and I don't know what it will be like besides wonderful! I can already feel my mantle being lifted from here and moved to  the other ward. I love these people with all my heart, and I'm ready to love the other people too.... It's so weird!! I guess I will let you know how the other area is.
Hey, I'll be about 200 miles closer to home, too :P 

This week I got food poisoning. I threw up for a day and a half and didn't eat for the next two. Lucky for me I lost 6 pounds... And now I fell 100% again. It wasn't as bad as it could have been! Also... my curling iron blew up. I was talking to my lovely companion when she says "SHUT IT OFF!" I look down and my curling wand is smoking, sparking, and catches on fire... needless to say I threw it away. Straight hair for days, here I come! :) This week we also taught some really powerful spiritual lessons, we had some amazing church meetings, and I cried testifying of my love for my Savior. He's a pretty cool guy. I'm just feeling very... grateful! :)

This week was odd. The emotions of a missionary are roller coaster to the max. This week I just want to tell you all about my amazing companion! Sister pence is a fiery ginger and she is beautiful. She is confident and humble, she is bold and loving, she is caring and fun, and most of all she is a wonderful example of a good person. She strives to make her Heavenly Father happy, in turn she makes all those around her happy. her way of giving compliments is the best ever! She makes me fell of worth and successful. She has taught me many life lessons I will never forget. Sister Rebekah Pence is all around amazing. One day she wants to be a mother, and I know she will make an EXCELLENT mother. I am more than grateful to God for rpeaparing her to be with me at this time in her life. She will make an exceptional trainer. Family, I cannot wait for you to meet her. You will love her. I hope you do already! 

Until next week
Hugs from HAVASU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sister Mawwly Fields

Thursday, July 18, 2013

This week I spell baptism "novela"

WHAT AN AWESOME WEEK. I am so happy.

So on June 30th we got a text from Bishop Deru that said "I have an investigator at my house. Do you think you could be here in an hour?" OF COURSE!! We flew over there and met Mr. DJ Rule. You could tell that he was feeling a little emotional, but we weren't fully understanding the situation. We asked him if he has any questions and he couldn't think of any. We explained our role as missionaries and were super excited to teach him. We taught him of the restoration and Joseph Smith. We taught him about the Book of Mormon, how Heavenly Father has asked us to pray, and how we can know he is answering. He was intrigued with what we were saying, we could tell. At the end Sister Pence asked "Do you have any questions, DJ?"


"Well... one..."

My brain is thinking, "OH MY GOSH! HE THINKS WE ARE POLYGAMISTS, or that our church was started by a lizard. I wonder if he is going to ask the caffeine question.." Seriously, my mind was racing. His few seconds of contemplating how to word his questions cause my mind to swirl, I prayed silently how to respond.

"...I guess I just want to know..."

SISTER FIELDS FREAK OUT during DJ's dramatic pause. 

"How do you actually join the church?"

That was not what I was expecting but what pleasant surprise. He then went on to explain how he had been coming to church for a while because his fiance invited him. When she moved he kept going... without her. That lead to him being kicked out of his own church and he really didn't care beyond his parents disappointment. What a STRONG testimony of the Book of Mormon this boy has, and he only had the "app" on his phone. THANK YOU to the inspired, intelligent people who made it possible for Douglas Joel to gain a testimony on his own. He came to us prepared.

DJ accepted baptism on July 13th, and we met with him everyday to teach him all the lessons and to help him grow in faith toward his Savior Jesus Christ. DJ expressed to us that he was not going to tell his fiance about it because she could not make it down because of funds and work. We were all going to respect his wishes of not letting the word out and keeping it a small affair... Until Bishop Hansen found out! Within HOURS of church calls were made. :)

DJ's baptism was at 10:00 in the morning, and at 9:55 in comes Brittanie. She just plopped herself right next to him in his all whites. He was stunned. He hadn't seen her since May and broke down crying. Both of them had a wonderful day. It was amazing to see how people had all worked together to make his "special day" that much more special-er. :) I teared up a little bit.
Then the conductor of the program announced I was going to be giving the talk on baptism and I didn't know until that moment. Needless to say, it went well. I mostly just told the story of DJ and bore my testimony with a few scriptures. I am so happy for them. They are deciding to push their wedding back a couple months to be married in the temple. :) WHAT A MIRACLE!! 

We were also able to have 18 lessons with investigators in which members attended. What a blessing! We average 7, so that was CRAY. :) We are working so hard that we can't help but sleep all night. We are being fed every night. We are happy. I am SO happy. :)

Thank you for all your prayers, but don't stop. When I think about you thinking about me I am motivated to work hard. I know that I can nap when I get home so there is no need to slow down right now. We are working so hard that we have lessons for three hours during our "preperation day" hours. :P I love it. 

"Missionary work isn't another thing to do,
it's the only thing to do."

from your hot (130*) friend
Sister Molly Molly Bo Bolly Fe Fi Foe Folly Molly Fields!! :) 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I looked out the window and what did I see? HOT.

Well, it got up to a nice 131* this week. Lets just say that I am beyond the point of 100* feeling hot. We sat on the roof (actually... I don't know if I should tell you this :P) on the evening of Independence Day and watched the fireworks from all around. It was beautiful and I was so excited it was "cooling down'" little did I know it was 102* at 9:45 at night. YUP> THAT'S HOW ACCLIMATED I AM. It's ridiculous. 

This week has been so awesome. We have been busy with all the normal, awesome, crazy things that go along with missionary work. I am excited to be a missionary at this time. We had the opportunity to teach Relief Society about... MISSIONARY WORK! We did the same thing we did for the youth, but for the women. Sister Pence is such a good teacher and we built off each others strengths. It was a GREAT lesson. After the class we had a few women walk up to us and tell them about some people who are prepared in their life to receive the gospel. One lady invited us over that evening to meet with her son and his friend. Jake is the friend's name and they really remind me of Jake and Eli! We committed him to baptism and he said he wants to share this message of happiness with his family. HOW CRAZY. I love knowing that the Lord inspired our minds to be able to say the things that Sister Taigen needed to hear to feel comfortable and confident in us with her loved ones. I love the gospel. :)

There is not too much this week planned, but we look forward to every days unexpected business. :)
Please let me know if you have any questions. I would work better if you asked me questions that I could respond to. I feel like you already know what all is going on, because I want you to! :)

I hope all of y'alls Independence Days' were great! :)

Hugs from Havasu!
~Sister Fields

Monday, July 8, 2013

Triple Baptism. #SisterAP

I have a couple shout outs today.
One to my lovely mother. Happy Birthday, Mom. I hope you are having a wonderful break away from me. I love you are you are the greatest example of a hard-working and loving mother. :) Expect something in the s'mail from me. 
Also, Hey Brother Mundy. Thanks for being a bro and reading my blog. 

This week has been really awesome. We have been working on strengthening our investigators relationships with Christ so they are more apt to keeping their commitments. We had a lesson on Saturday with a person who is overcoming a drug addiction. They were talking abut how they are so down seeing the long road ahead of becoming the new person they want to be. I felt SUPER inspired to say "You are already the person your Heavenly Father wants you to be, you are just doing a few things that He doesn't want you to do anymore." I wish I had the look of their eyes on a giant poster. You could tell that the Lord had trusted me with what to say to help that person at the very moment they needed it. It was a GREAT lesson.

All the things that have happened to us this week have been nothing short of miracles. I love knowing that I am doing good for these people.

I am sorry I don't have that much to write this week. I have a lot of stories that I will have to type out next week. 


And Happy July! :)
~Hermana Campos