Wednesday, March 13, 2013

First week completed

First MTC post 3/13/13

Its like EFY with a purpose on crack cocaine! Its the BEST! I love the enviornment and the people and the Spirit and... it's fantastic. and wonderful. and I love it.

This week has been crazy fast! We checked in Wednesday the 6th, and my report time was 12:30. There were plenty of crying moms and daughters, bro hugs between fathers and sons, as well as TONS of other crazy cool things. Kim dropped me off at the curb and I barely remembered to hug her because I was so excited. An Elder who has been here for a couple of weeks helped carry my luggage to a class romm where I GOT MY TWO NAME TAGS THAT SAY SISTER FIELDS! It's pretty amazing to be so official. I love it here... Did I mention that? I love it here. I love it. Seriously. I met my district ( I will probably spend the entirety of next weeks letter talking about them, because [GUESS WHAT?] I love them.)

We have about eight hours of class a day with three meals and tons of role playing. More than I have ever done in my life. But let me tell you, the spirit doesn't role play. He's there. He knows you. Each of you reading this is a loved child of our Heavenly Father. anyways. I love it here.

The days are pretty much the same; wake up early, go to class, go to breakfast, go to class, teach an investigator, go to class, go to lunch, go to class, teach another investigator, teach the class, go to more class, and play around, more class, and all the while spiritually growing.

My companion is amazing. She has been a member for a little of a year and a half, she is 25 in July, and she is 5'. Her name is Sister Barth and she is an inspiration to me.

 THE TIME GOES BY SO FAST! I type so slow I am sorry I am running out of time.

I will spend the entire time next week (THE DAY BEFORE I LEAVE) and I will tell you all about my district.

I love it here, guys. I love it. :)


Love you!!!!!!!!

Sister Molly Fields

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