Monday, January 27, 2014

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OH these past two weeks have been crazy. Not really anything out of the ordinary but mostly a lot of things to do. I love it. Training is a weird thing because there really is no shallow end to throw your companion into. She is amazing though. Sister Kelepi is such a fast learner. Also, she... I don't know how to explain it because it has never happened for me, you know when people say that someone has a contagious laugh? SHE DOES. Honestly no matter what I am doing I HAVE to laugh when she does. It is uncontrollable. Which sometimes can get us into trouble. She laughs at my jokes (which I constantly crack, life's boring with out them) and I end up laughing too. Then she laughs because I laugh. And we are both laughing. And the cycle continues until something happens... I love her. She is a little piece of my heart! Anyways...
Leilani's baptism was awesome! And a few days after we were able to take her to the Family History Center to start working on her family so she will be able to do baptisms for the dead. (Questions? She called her grandma and learned so many things about her life! She called her mom and found out where her middle name came from. I just loved being next to her making all these discoveries. She knows that things are going to be hard for her because of her life change, but she is doing an amazing job of surrounding herself with things that will bless and help her!
Our ward is doing really well getting pumped about missionary work! They are all learning new methods to use every week. In Relief Society Meeting there is this thing called Missionary Moment. One sister is assigned to plan for a missionary experience, have it, and report to the other sisters. I love it because I love to see the sisters TRYING to share the happiness that they have with their coworkers and friends! The church is true. I know it. I know they know it and I want them to tell everyone! :) That is a little vent. I am just happy that people are starting to get it. Took 'em long enough. I have been here for 7 months!
So we got 3 texts from the APs:
"This message was sent to all the Polynesian missionaries and their companions."
"There will be a meeting with President Neider at 1pm on Saturday for all those who are going to the Rugby 7."
"Please bring plenty of cards and a notebook. Missionaries will pay their own way."

Sister Kelepi said that she knew what it was and that it would be fun but that it was really expensive. We went to a members house so they could Google it for us and get more information. Apparently TICKETS ARE $80 and people, members especially, come from all around the world to watch the championship. We are supposed to go and talk to everyone we see and ask for referrals of people they know that we (meaning missionaries) could teach. We talked and talked about it and decided we would go. AND IT WAS AWESOME!
We left at 9:15 in the morning to leave for another set of sisters houses and carpooled with them. We went to the meeting and we were told a few rules and our objective. Then we headed off! The stadium was about 20 minutes away. We talked in the parking lot about what we were going to do. As we were walking into the arena there were booths upon booths upon booths that were set up selling T shirts, food, collectables, and tons of little island-y things. We were totally in a completely different world than missionary work. We went up to the gate to check the prices- $85. There is no way we are going to pay to get in there... We were kind of just lingering outside the front when this Samoan man drives up
"Looks like a zone conference!" This man was so funny. He asked us all where we were from, what we were doing there, and a few other things. Then he said "Why don't you go in sisters?" We explained our problem... WHEN HE PROCEEDS TO WHIP OUT 6 TICKETS FOR ALL OF US SISTERS!! It was the best moment ever! We felt like celebrities! And we worked real hard inside! My feet are still a little sore... I loved it. Oh how I loved that day.

Anyways. I hope all is well in the 5OH3!
I love you!
Still smiling in Sunrise
Sister Fields

Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday, January 13, 2014


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By the way... when you write me, that's my address ;) K? K.
Well this has just been the longest week of my life that is for sure. It was so crazy. Last P day we mostly tied up loose ends with Sister Pierson and her friends she made in the ward. We ate lunch at Winter's house, and dinner at the Schwankies. I seriously love them. FHE was a little birthday party for her. It was kind of sad to see her go, but I know that we will be friends forever. She has taught me to breathe. She taught me to take a 10 second break so the next 10 hours will go well. I seriously love that girl to death. I will write her, and we will be roomies after the mish... I'm gonna have a lot of those now. :P
On Tuesday morning we had transfers. Because Sister Pierson had to be in her new area (haha. Her new companion's name is Sister Area... legit) in the morning and I didn't get a new companion until Wednesday at 4pm, I was just planning on hopping around between people to be able to get to my appointments. We had to drop a car off at the mission office and when we walked in I saw none other than my first companion Sister Berger. I love that girl!! She explained how she was little stressed being DT'd (double transferred) into an area, and waiting for her trainee by hopping through companions. WOO HOO! We were companions for almost 2 days!! On Tuesday night we had a pass off lesson with some Elders in Central. The lesson went incredibly well. We testified about the importance of reading the Book of Mormon and how it could change her life. The light in her eyes proved to us that she already knew that what we were saying was true. :) She texted us and told us later that she had read, and wanted to know what she should read next. I am kind of disappointed that we have not been able to see her since then, but we will soon!
We spent most of Wednesday going through Sister Berger's area book and area map and appointments and things like that. I thought it was fun. (OKAY>>> Here's for the funny side story. I am literally laughing while typing this. So Sister Berger was being DT'd into the Assistants ward and so we had their car, apartment, area, old things... everything! There was a moment that I was driving because Sister Berger forgot her license somewhere. Anyways, all of the SUDDEN! she yells "OH MY GOODNESS!!! THIS IS THE BEST THING OF MY LIFE!!!"
I look over to discover that the APs had left their CTR rings in the cup holder and one of them fit perfectly on Sister Berger's finger. She handed the other to me and we almost DIED laughing when it slipped perfectly onto my finger. We continued all day long randomly laughing at the power of the AP rings. I swear to you they made us fearless and invincible. That could possibly have been one of my favorite moments of my mission.)
Wednesday I picked up Sister Kelepi! She is so awesome!!!! She is from Florida, but grew up in California and is Tongan, Fijian, Hawaiian, and Samoan! She is super shy when you first meet her,  but once she breaks out of her shell you find a beautiful butterfly just ready to baptize the entirety of the people that we can! :) She is 23 and sings and dances. Her sense of humor is quiet and dignified. She is ready to learn and love these people that we teach!! Literal best everyone!

That night we had a church tour with a guy named Joe. He is super legit! I seriously know that this guy is a tender mercy sent to us. He, in his closing prayer, asked God to allow him to join His church. It took all of my self will to hold back the biggest smile of my life!! He is incredible!
Also, Aaron our investigator that dropped off the face of the Earth called us and came to church! :) It seriously made my life!
I have just had a grand week. I pray the same for all of you!
OH. And Andrew Larsen is sitting behind me right now emailing his family! When two worlds collide...

Still smilin' in Sunrise!
Sister Fields!

1/6/14 Short time today. I will type fast...

Here is the verdict of the transfer:
I am staying in Sunrise. Sister Pierson is getting transferred to Boulder City. Wanna know who my new companion is?? Me too... I am training AGAIN! Woo hoo. It's just crazy that I have been in this ward for 6 months. And if I stay with her both of her training transfers I will be here in Sunrise in Temple View YSA that will be half of my mission here! It is crazy that today is my 10 months! Wow. Wow. :) I am excited to be here. I am excited for another training adventure. I am just looking forward to FOREVER! :)
I just want to bare my testimony today. It is my "New Years Goal" to share what I believe with everyone I talk to. And I love all of you and I talk to all of you. I want you to know that I KNOW that this is Christ's church restored to the church through a modern-day prophet. I know that God is out loving Heavenly Father and that He wants us to be happy. I know that He loves each of us, and that he hears and answers our prayers.
I have such a strong testimony that our voice needs to be heard. I know that is it a hard world where many judge and don't understand but as we stand firm we were be able to change lives. I know that there is a plan for each of us, and that as we pray and do what is asked of us that it will be shown to us. I know that knowledge can be doubted. Just as when we do a math problem, and it just doesn't "look right" the master of all creation knows it is right.
I may have jumbled thoughts, I may not be perfect, I may not even know everything but I would be willing to (and kinda am...) give my whole life for this belief! I am more grateful than ever for all the little things in life; after school snack, naps, cell phones, long showers, cardigans, church buildings, and many more! I know that God designs everything and that we are the most succesful when we follow his plan.
More than anything, at this point in my life, I am grateful for the Book of Mormon. I am grateful for it's support, along with the Bible. I am so thankful for the opportunity I have to learn from my ancient ancestors. :) I love the gospel!!!

I seriously do.

And we climbed the mountain this morning. I will attach pictures. haha.
~Smiles from Sunrise
~Sister Fields

p.s. Have I mentioned I am excited for this transfer?! 'Cause I am! :) Happy New Year y'all. Resolve to be a little happier and healthier this year!