Tuesday, August 27, 2013

YEAH. WE HOLD A RECORD. NO BIG DEAL. just all caps worthy! :)

You are reading an email from Sister Molly Fields and Sister Cassandra Coltrin who HOLD A MISSION record. You should be proud! :) We were called Thursday night asking about a referral we had submitted and Sister Anderegg informed us that we have (by far) submitted the most referrals the mission has seen! BOOM! :) We went through our area book and sorted our potentials into  25 zones (we cover three stakes so it's a TON of little areas so we save miles) and called them ALLLLLL. It was easily over 200. We found out who had kids, who was too busy to learn about the gospel, who had moved, who were actually inactive members, anti-Mormons, and all kinds of fun stuff. We texted in... probably 100 referrals in one day! And every time we street contact someone that isn't in our jurisdiction (meaning not living in our area, or not a young single adult) we text it in. YAY for being effective missionaries! :) So all of you should be proud because you know the sisters in the Las Vegas mission that strive for record holding! WOOOO! :) "It's not about the numbers" but it shows that we are working hard.
OH FUN STORY! So one of (the many [YAAAAAAAAAAY] of) our potentials that we set up a lesson with, her name is Ruby. She gave us her new address and we wrote it down on a sticky note and wrote the appointment in our planner. When the day came we LOST the sticky note. How unfortunate because we had no idea where she lived. Sister Coltrin and I thought REALLY hard and after a few prayers we had remembered the street name and the apartment number. So we started off on this long road praying we would be inspired where to stop. SPOILER ALERT: the church is true. We found it. At the very, very end of the road. What a blessing to have the spirit direct us where this soul that hungered for the gospel was. :)
This week we had interviews with President Neider and during that Sister Neider gives a training. It's so awesome to sit so close to her and to be lead by such a power house of a woman, just the eight of us. We got some really specific compliments and pointers. During the training, I don't know how it came up but Elder Tongi (from Tonga... hahahahaha) told about how he had left his bag, 2 days before, at a lesson. He put it outside the sisters car, and loaded his bike up and forgot to grab it when they drove away. When they went back for it an hour later, of course it was gone. Sister Neider was so sad for him. His camera, scriptures, as well as other missionary things were in his bag and he was about ready to accept defeat. Sister Neider, in her general relief society president voice said "Sister Worthington, will you offer a prayer for us. Let's ask for our Father's help in getting that bag back."
SPOILER ALERT: the church is true. The next morning at morning sports, Elders Rogers and Johnson walk in carrying Tongi's bag. A HOMELESS MAN had picked it up, identified it as "Mormon" and gave it to someone in there ward whom he knew belonged to the church. Everything was still in the bag. What a blessing. I wasn't "surprised" but I certainly was.... excited that Heavenly Father cares SOOOOO much about each of his children. :)
My actual interview with President was good. We talked about where priesthood authority and power come from. He asked about my obedience and how I am liking my companion and all the little things. He said to me "Sister Neider and I are happy to have you as one of our good friends, Sister Fields. We love you and we are proud of your work and your attitude." WOW> I felt like $1,000,000 at that moment. Oh my gosh I love it here. :) Wow, I am loved truly. Now I have your love and their love and everyone's and everybody loves me and I love it and it inspires me to work smart and hard! :)
We had a lesson with one of the less active members we are working with that touched my heart. Her name is Desnee and she is the sweetest ever! She lost her patriarchal blessing when she was 19 (she is 24) in the process of moving and all this good stuff. We helped her to make an lds.org account and order a new copy. She was so excited when she got it that she called us! We went over there and she shared a little part talking about how there will be "angels in the form of friends" that will help her thought the hard times and she teared up a little and told us she knows that we are those people to her right now in her life. Talk about sweet! Sister Coltrin and I felt the Spirit so strong as she bore her testimony like she hadn't in a very long time!
This week we went on exchanges! I went to Sister Cheatum's (she is our sister training leader) area with her. We biked all day because our appointments were pretty spaced out. Fat-kid Fields was a little sore after (OH.... I lost 4 pounds in 2 weeks. YAY haha. #SISTERproblems) We went to a lesson with two 19 year old that are in order to follow the law of chastity, getting married tomorrow and baptized on Saturday. In the lesson the 'wife' prayed for the first time out loud. It was powerful! I love S. Cheatum. She is such an awesome example to me. I loved spending a day with her and getting to know her and learn from her teaching style! :) On the way home from exchanges we carpooled with Sisters Bohling (whom dad would LOVE) and Worthington and I don't know why but we laughed so hard for probably 10 whole minutes. It was a cleansing car ride :) I love these sisters. With all my heart <3
Also this week I did a little training in district meeting on revelation through church attendance. When I was going over all the materials I had I realized we had all learned this 1,000,001 times on our mission already. I was worried to get up and just teach something boring. As I was praying, preparing for this I felt like we all need to strengthen our own testimonies of the sacrament. I read and prayed, and prayed and read. When I got there I had so much fun and the spirit was so strong. It is a passion of mine to teach the gospel. I LOVE bearing testimony and I really enjoyed the opportunity to do so to my peers. :)
OH! Last fun story! At church Becca, one of the girls we take to lessons, found us and cautioned us to not leave without seeing her. She came back a few minutes later with NECKLACES FROM HAWAII!!!!!! She had gone on a family vacation and thought about us so she brought us back necklaces! Oh my-Lanta it was the cutest thing ever! She is such a great, little help and she thought about us while she was in HAWAII!! :)
Honestly, this week was not the greatest... We were broken up with for the first time and it was... brutal. But I have confidence that if I keep a positive attitude about it I will have a forgiving heart about it. Long story short we were.... "evaluated" to other missionaries and they did not stand up for us, turning the whole thing into a mess of confusion and favorite picking. I cried for the second time on my mission. It was hard but my sister Coltrin and my Heavenly Father were those I had to rely on and it taught me a wonderful lesson about the Atonement.
Transfer calls this Saturday!!! AHHHHHH!!!
Smiles from Sunrise! :)
more than I ever knew :)
Sister <3olly Fields
okay... that looks stupid.
~Sister Molly Fields

Monday, August 19, 2013

It's DA BLOGGG!! (I don't actually know if I have said this before....)

Brace yourself; I am attempting to send a long email this week. I feel like I don't tell you enough. BUT I gotta tell mission stories when I get home so I can't send them all... :P     So.. yeah. I give up on the long letter. :)           Anyways. I hope all of you are enjoying your last few weeks of summer as I enjoy my last few months. At least it is not as hot here as it is in Lake Havasu. What a blessing that I got to rapid cool here. Today it is 95 degrees... So I decided it is cool enough to wear a scarf to make my comfy, P-day outfit look cute. :)
Last week we had an awesome game of dart wars. The music just seems to make it more and more intense. I love it. I wish Eli was here because 1) he wouldn't kill me like everyone else does and 2) it's like real life call of duty. This week we played something more of Zombies, though. We searched for people in rooms all around the church and had to "re-spawn" as a Zombie if we were shot. SO fun.
Remember the guy who served in Portland? Well he brought a book of missionary comics to one of the lessons he taught with us and it was SO FUNNY. Right after our lesson we had to go get our brakes fixed so we sat in the lobby and laughed and laughed about all the inside missionary jokes. They were talking about finding hairs in your food at dinner, being offered 4ths, and a cat call from 12 year olds. It just makes me so happy to know I'm not the only one who goes through these things :)
Team #1 Coltrin and Fields
Team #2 Lovell and Mojica

Sunday, August 11th in the year 2013~
Team 1 gets to church shortly after 2, they see the silver car and the bike rack and recognize immediately that they must attack
Team 1 leaves Mormon.org cards all over car, insuring they won't get blown away by the wind they shove them into window cracks and wiper blades
Team 1 makes first mistake- sticky note that says "Tag you're it."
Team 2 makes second mistake- retaliation
Sunday, August 11th (later)~
Team 1 leaves church, returns to car to discover it had been defiled with yellow cards and temple cards
Team 1 opens trunk to discover all the ZLs supplies in it (basketball, volleyball, blow up snowman, books, hangers, etc)
Team 1 must move fast...
Monday, August 12th P-Day morning
Team 1 creates maniacal plan, gets Rogers and Johnson involved
Get keys
Open apartment and place everything in the entry way (as to not break any rules, we don't go in)
Laugh as we walk away slowly, smelling of sweet, sweet victory
Team 1 does not have keys
Team 1 doesn't know where Team 2 lives
We didn't shower... it's P-day

Monday, August 12th P-Day (afternoon)
Zone gets together for dart wars
While Team 2 is distracted by imaginary battle, Team 1 finds R&J and gets directions to apartment
Team 1 finds Team 2's keys (PS, a CHAIR?? Who leaves their keys out on a chair?!)
Team 1 is OFF!!

Monday, August 12th P-day (like.... five minutes later)
Team 1 makes it to their apartment, and search for tell-tell Christ picture in the window
Team 2 is back at the Taco Bell (stake center... it looks all aztec-y and... like a Taco Bell) not knowing what is going on
Team 1 places all the trunk contents into Team 2s apartment making sure to plug in the snow man in to greet them as a beautiful trophy
Team 1 returns to the Taco Bell building, replaces keys, and laughs in the bathroom for like 5 minutes straight
Monday, August 12th P-day 0936
Team 1 receives voice-mail from Team 2
Mojica simply says "YOU PIECES OF CRAP."
Victory, all. Victory.

Tuesday, August 13th Morning sports 7:02
Team 2 throws water into Team 1's car

Tuesday, August 13th Morning sports 7:18
Team 1 forfeits...

FORGET THAT. We saran wrapped their car, and they forfeited!!
Yup. That was a fun story from my week.
Everyone should expect letters soon. I am writing everyone. I have been having a lot of crazy, spiritual experiences and I want to share them with all of you with my own handwriting.
I want you all to know that I love you, and so does Heavenly Father.
Smiles from Sunrise :)

Monday, August 12, 2013

The dreaded long email... AHHHHH!


Just kidding. I just know all of y'all were expecting it. :) I am in a good mood. I fell like 96% of the time on a mission I am in a good mood. What a blessing. :) I just love being a missionary. I feel like the little YouTube kid... YOU CAN RIDE A BIKE! (Eli, show Mom what I am talking about) except "YOU CAN SERVE A MISSION!" Rock and roll everybody. :) :)
This week, because we live so close to the temple, we decided to use it to our advantage. We took Tony on a temple tour (with a couple of our members, one being a recent [one week] convert, and the other a returned missionary from none other than PORTLAND, Oregon Mission[Daniel Hernandez if you want to talk to our missionaries abut him. We knew a lot of the same missionaries]) and we talked about the Plan of Salvation. We started in the entry way of the front door and talked about Pre-Earth life. We walked slowly around the temple and talked about our purpose here on Earth and families and Adam and Eve and all that wonderful, spiritual jazz. In the back there is a small fountain and there we talked about baptisms for the dead. (https://www.lds.org/topics/baptisms-for-the-dead?lang=eng) He lost his brother a few days over a year ago and the spirit was tangible. He bore his testimony of how true the church is and he also said he will do whatever it takes to be baptized! We spent a little bit of time in the atrium afterward and he said he loves the peace that comes from simply being there. WOO.
We also went to the temple on Wednesday, just Sister Coltrin and I. It was the first time I have gone in a long time and it was so nice to sit and talk about our investigators, less active members we are working with and all the people we have yet to find, but need to. I loved being there bonding with her and also coming closer to my Father in Heaven. I love knowing how much He loves all of us.
I also thought about you, family! :) I love you and miss you very much.
OH! Another terrible thing happened this week. Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream was on sale at Smiths and we bought 10 points to stock up... and our stock is dwindling. What a sad day it is when you look in the freezer and realize there are elves sneaking into your apartment, dirtying up spoons eating your ice cream...
:( Looks like we'll have to get more. This week has been so fattening. We have had Pizza Hut's stuffed crust pizza, Little Ceasers, Apple Bees, and Olive Garden. That's what happens in singles wards... no one cooks so you eat out. :P Anyways... I will just be really fat when I come home. Who cares anyways?? :P
Last P day we had Mega Dart Wars with the whole zone of missionaries. It was so fun. We set up a little course in the gym and blasted music over the intercom thing. I almost peed my pants from laughing so hard. There are so many fun things to do and also so many hard things to accomplish as missionaries. I love that we take a few hours to just let it all out! :)
This week should be good, we have a lot of appointments and a lot of plans! Our singles are also having a lot of activities to invite investigators and potentials to. We are feeling a lot of support from the members.
OH! and traffic was stopped for us! #princessswag!
We were pulling out of our apartment exit and there was a giant accident literally right at the end of it. We just put the car into park and rolled our eyes, about to call our appointment to let them know we are going to be late when the cop walks up to us. "Hey Sisters" YESSS. The police man was a member and he recognized our bike rack. He talked a little about how he is sad he is less active than he should be. And he said "Sisters, do you have somewhere to be?" Then he proceeded to STOP all of the traffic with his hand and wave us through. It was cool. Also, it is amazing how much people tell you when you barely know them. :)
I love you all! I hope all things are going well and that you are keeping your covenants! Have a fabulous week, and EMAIL ME! :)
~Smiles from Sunrise
Sister Fields!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :)

Monday, August 5, 2013

When you set high goals, you REACH high goals!

Oh what a fabulous week we have had here in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was a cool 106* almost all this week and we have been finding, teaching, and baptizing. What a blessing my companion is to me. She has this fabulous, hard-working attitude that I hope to develop. She is so kind, caring, considerate, and concise. (Alliteration!!!) She is a fantastic example of someone who finds joy in the little things. Also this week we talked for probably a total of four hours, just the two of us, about the Plan of Salvation. She bore a powerful testimony to me of Heavenly Father's love for me. It was inspiring to say the least. I am grateful to her. 
Also, we teach really well together. There are sometimes in which we step on each others toes because we are both bold and straight-forward missionaries. :) What a blessing. She is becoming one of my greatest friends. It's amazing how easily that happens on a mission. Elder Johnson described it in a perfect way. He said "We come so close to one another on a mission for two reasons; we all have Christ first in our relationship, and in a 'normal' relationship you don't spend nearly the amount of time you do here, together. Think of how long it takes you and your friends to get to 300 hours of 'hang out time...' That's the MTC for us." IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE! :) Sister Coltrin probably knows enough about me to write a short novel. 
I feel like the weeks are getting faster and faster. I feel like every morning I wake up four times.... Really it is just four days going by. So crazy. I wish I could explain it. Courtney said today that I have 397 days left... That's only like 8 hours!!!!!!!! How has this happened? 
This week we have been working hard. But today is literally the best day of my whole life. My best friend in the whole wide, entire universe Eli told me he is going on a mission. I am the happiest sister there ever was in the whole entire world. I am so grateful that I just want to yell!! To think that the person I love to pieces is doing the thing I love to pieces. :) I AM JUST SO HAPPY THAT I AM GOING TO CELEBRATE WITH PANDA!!! :)

I will write more next week. I have too much to go celebrate about :P I have been emailing a lot of people back and forth today. I am grateful for all the support. :) Really. I love hearing from everyone even if it's only hello. :)

Sister Fields :)

P.S. New Address
Sister Emily Fields
9270 S. Maryland Pkwy 
Las Vegas, Nevada 89123