Monday, August 19, 2013

It's DA BLOGGG!! (I don't actually know if I have said this before....)

Brace yourself; I am attempting to send a long email this week. I feel like I don't tell you enough. BUT I gotta tell mission stories when I get home so I can't send them all... :P     So.. yeah. I give up on the long letter. :)           Anyways. I hope all of you are enjoying your last few weeks of summer as I enjoy my last few months. At least it is not as hot here as it is in Lake Havasu. What a blessing that I got to rapid cool here. Today it is 95 degrees... So I decided it is cool enough to wear a scarf to make my comfy, P-day outfit look cute. :)
Last week we had an awesome game of dart wars. The music just seems to make it more and more intense. I love it. I wish Eli was here because 1) he wouldn't kill me like everyone else does and 2) it's like real life call of duty. This week we played something more of Zombies, though. We searched for people in rooms all around the church and had to "re-spawn" as a Zombie if we were shot. SO fun.
Remember the guy who served in Portland? Well he brought a book of missionary comics to one of the lessons he taught with us and it was SO FUNNY. Right after our lesson we had to go get our brakes fixed so we sat in the lobby and laughed and laughed about all the inside missionary jokes. They were talking about finding hairs in your food at dinner, being offered 4ths, and a cat call from 12 year olds. It just makes me so happy to know I'm not the only one who goes through these things :)
Team #1 Coltrin and Fields
Team #2 Lovell and Mojica

Sunday, August 11th in the year 2013~
Team 1 gets to church shortly after 2, they see the silver car and the bike rack and recognize immediately that they must attack
Team 1 leaves cards all over car, insuring they won't get blown away by the wind they shove them into window cracks and wiper blades
Team 1 makes first mistake- sticky note that says "Tag you're it."
Team 2 makes second mistake- retaliation
Sunday, August 11th (later)~
Team 1 leaves church, returns to car to discover it had been defiled with yellow cards and temple cards
Team 1 opens trunk to discover all the ZLs supplies in it (basketball, volleyball, blow up snowman, books, hangers, etc)
Team 1 must move fast...
Monday, August 12th P-Day morning
Team 1 creates maniacal plan, gets Rogers and Johnson involved
Get keys
Open apartment and place everything in the entry way (as to not break any rules, we don't go in)
Laugh as we walk away slowly, smelling of sweet, sweet victory
Team 1 does not have keys
Team 1 doesn't know where Team 2 lives
We didn't shower... it's P-day

Monday, August 12th P-Day (afternoon)
Zone gets together for dart wars
While Team 2 is distracted by imaginary battle, Team 1 finds R&J and gets directions to apartment
Team 1 finds Team 2's keys (PS, a CHAIR?? Who leaves their keys out on a chair?!)
Team 1 is OFF!!

Monday, August 12th P-day (like.... five minutes later)
Team 1 makes it to their apartment, and search for tell-tell Christ picture in the window
Team 2 is back at the Taco Bell (stake center... it looks all aztec-y and... like a Taco Bell) not knowing what is going on
Team 1 places all the trunk contents into Team 2s apartment making sure to plug in the snow man in to greet them as a beautiful trophy
Team 1 returns to the Taco Bell building, replaces keys, and laughs in the bathroom for like 5 minutes straight
Monday, August 12th P-day 0936
Team 1 receives voice-mail from Team 2
Mojica simply says "YOU PIECES OF CRAP."
Victory, all. Victory.

Tuesday, August 13th Morning sports 7:02
Team 2 throws water into Team 1's car

Tuesday, August 13th Morning sports 7:18
Team 1 forfeits...

FORGET THAT. We saran wrapped their car, and they forfeited!!
Yup. That was a fun story from my week.
Everyone should expect letters soon. I am writing everyone. I have been having a lot of crazy, spiritual experiences and I want to share them with all of you with my own handwriting.
I want you all to know that I love you, and so does Heavenly Father.
Smiles from Sunrise :)

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