Monday, August 5, 2013

When you set high goals, you REACH high goals!

Oh what a fabulous week we have had here in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was a cool 106* almost all this week and we have been finding, teaching, and baptizing. What a blessing my companion is to me. She has this fabulous, hard-working attitude that I hope to develop. She is so kind, caring, considerate, and concise. (Alliteration!!!) She is a fantastic example of someone who finds joy in the little things. Also this week we talked for probably a total of four hours, just the two of us, about the Plan of Salvation. She bore a powerful testimony to me of Heavenly Father's love for me. It was inspiring to say the least. I am grateful to her. 
Also, we teach really well together. There are sometimes in which we step on each others toes because we are both bold and straight-forward missionaries. :) What a blessing. She is becoming one of my greatest friends. It's amazing how easily that happens on a mission. Elder Johnson described it in a perfect way. He said "We come so close to one another on a mission for two reasons; we all have Christ first in our relationship, and in a 'normal' relationship you don't spend nearly the amount of time you do here, together. Think of how long it takes you and your friends to get to 300 hours of 'hang out time...' That's the MTC for us." IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE! :) Sister Coltrin probably knows enough about me to write a short novel. 
I feel like the weeks are getting faster and faster. I feel like every morning I wake up four times.... Really it is just four days going by. So crazy. I wish I could explain it. Courtney said today that I have 397 days left... That's only like 8 hours!!!!!!!! How has this happened? 
This week we have been working hard. But today is literally the best day of my whole life. My best friend in the whole wide, entire universe Eli told me he is going on a mission. I am the happiest sister there ever was in the whole entire world. I am so grateful that I just want to yell!! To think that the person I love to pieces is doing the thing I love to pieces. :) I AM JUST SO HAPPY THAT I AM GOING TO CELEBRATE WITH PANDA!!! :)

I will write more next week. I have too much to go celebrate about :P I have been emailing a lot of people back and forth today. I am grateful for all the support. :) Really. I love hearing from everyone even if it's only hello. :)

Sister Fields :)

P.S. New Address
Sister Emily Fields
9270 S. Maryland Pkwy 
Las Vegas, Nevada 89123

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