Monday, October 14, 2013

Tomorrow is a new transfer.... What the heck.

We got transfer calls. I will say.. at the end, what is happening.

I dyed Sister Coltrin's hair Monday night. I had been bugging her about it for a while. She had never dyed her hair before and I asked her for probably three weeks straight "Well why not?" So.. She let me. We dyed it auburn. Her daddy is a ginger so it looks really good on her.
OH! And last (FORESHADOWING) P-Day we played assassin. It was fun. I seriously miss Eli so much every time that we play dart wars. People will fight for him to be on their team when he is on his mission.. in less than a year.. Whoa.
Monday we went to dinner at the Schwankey's. They are a Polynesian family and people are serious when they say that they make a lot of food and want you to eat it all! Lucky for us they usually have half the zone there for dinner.
ZONE TRAINING! What a blessing zone training is to us! A lot of them in the past have been focused and specialized and so it is hit or miss whether or not they are applicable to our area. Our zone leaders this time gave an awesome training on relying on the Lord and Heavenly Father for inspiration and trusting in the promptings of the Spirit. :) IT was super pumping and inspiring!!
Let me copy and paste what Sister Coltrin wrote about Tuesday night: "After that we went to the far away Viking Chapel to do exchanges... JOKES. Okay so this is what happened... Our Sister Training Leader called us halfway through the transfer to schedule exchanges. We called her three days before to find out which one of us needed to pack to go to their area. They didn't call us back. We called the next day. They still didn't call us back. We called three times and left three messages that morning. Didn't get a call back until 4pm. It was her companion who didn't know what was going on. She said that her companion (our STL) was on exchanges and she would try to get a hold of her. She also asked if we could change the day. We couldn't because we had stuff Friday and Saturday. She got a hold of her companion and called us at 6pm. They said they would be late and asked if we could meet at 9:30pm. Remember that we are supposed to be home at 9pm, 9:30pm at the latest. So we decided, whatever, we'll meet them there. The chapel is about a half an hour away. So we were sitting in the chapel parking lot, waiting. We called them at 9:50. They weren't even on their way yet, they hadn't been home to pack clothes, nothing. I started to drive home, and Sister Fields just told them we would just forget about doing exchanges. We were so so mad. So mad. It was late, we had wasted miles, and we were just frustrated. But in good news, we called Sister Neider and she told us to sleep in a little longer in the morning because we had to be out so late. Also, that sister is no longer a STL.... awkward." (FORESHADOWING)
So that's that.
We had dinner at the Peterson's. We always have it combined with Johnson III and Rogers. Rogers has been in that area for a long time so we all knew it would be his last dinner, and maybe mine or Sister Coltrin's (FORESHADOWING) last also. We had AWESOME steak, and mashed potatoes, and squash and steamed broccoli. It made me miss Dad's cooking.
Carmen Vega, one of our mini-missionaries, got her mission call to CHILE! She is super stocked! She reports to the Chile MTC in the beginning of December. What a blessing :)
Oh, and that day we had NINE mps planned.. and got 1. It was stupid, and it was a long day. No worries. It's over now.
We had dinner at the Boyer's and during dinner they got a call that their 4 year-old niece's appendix burst and that she was in an ambulance on the way to a hospital. We all automatically stopped and prayed for her. It was an awesome experience for it to be such an instant reaction. We are going to call and check up on their family today.
OH! And Sister's luncheon. We had trainings on the following; exchanges, flirting (or rather, not flirting), how to avoid gossip, how to meet our challenges with a smile, testimonies of those who leave soon. Lunch was super delicious!! Probably... DEFINITELY the best I've had my whole mission. It was soup, salad, and bread. I loved seeing everyone and being spiritually uplifted. We have 60 sisters in the mission now (FORESHADOWING)
In the morning we had house inspections. We got a ten, again. They asked us to write our parents addresses and I wrote Mom and Dad's and Jenny and Nathan's. hahaha. I figured you would all like to hear from the lady about how clean I am being. :) They always feed us awesome breakfast before. Biscuits and gravy for the win!!
KEVIN'S BAPTISM!!! It went so well. There were just the right amount of people there. 
Ms McDade gave the talk on baptism and Chris Swan gave the talk on the Holy Ghost. Kevin bore his testimony after the actual ordinance was preformed and let me tell you it was an amazing spiritual experience. He talked about how he came into contact with the church> he said "I just want to thank my awesome leaders for being a good example and a good teacher to me." It was super cute! I am so happy, happy, happy for him!!!
THEN... transfer calls. I am...... Staying. I am staying in Temple View YSA, Sunrise with special assignment to be with my new companion Sister Crowe :) Sister Coltrin is heading to Anthem, the richest stake in the world. And that lucky girl will be there for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's. YEAH! Oh, and I am a Sister Training Leader. whoo hoo!
I am super hungry or I would type more. (Mon 10/14/2013 12:22 PM)
Smiles from Sunrise! ...still!
~Sister Fields

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