Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October is gettin' chilly... I put on a sweater at 68*........ #VegasBaby

In honor of general conference this week we wrote verses to "Follow the Prophet" for all the Elders in our district while driving from place to place. I will share a couple... They are all super funny, though, and chalk full of inside jokes!

Tongi was an elder
he called Coltrin fat
but we guess in Tonga
girls are fine with that
In the morning sports
he is our number one
we love when he yells
Mojica was an elder
has a cute girlfriend
her name is Breanda
will she wait for him?
When we call the ZLs
we don't know where they're at
but one thing's for certain
Mojica's gotten....
Just a little laugh to start off the week. I hope every one had the opportunity to listen to our Prophet's voice! (big exclamation point) I loved the focus on member-missionary work of course. I also really enjoyed the talk on the sacred role of women in God's plan. I super duper love how inspired the talks are! I wrote down a few questions before conference started to receive direct revelation, I guess. I asked what is missing from my prayers? It was cool how, in about 8 different talks, they talked specifically on how we can improve our prayers. I have already seen that effect my work. :)
A night this week we had dinner with Abraham and the teachers (Hannah, Emily, Aimee, and Brittany.) He made super delicious and authentic enchiladas. Anyways, since we were out of miles (the end of the month) we asked for a ride to out next appointment. (Him, Hannah and her mom came) Since he has a truck, and we never do any really fun things as missionaries, we decided to ride in the back. It was awesome because the night wind is slightly warm and we could see the strip the whole ride. He drove OFF ROAD, though. It was a little scary. There is a part up near the mountains where there is a lot of bumpy, and unused land. It was fun. I will send a picture :)
Kevin is so super awesome, too! He came to FHE without us reminding him. It cool when you see people start to progress on their own. He is looking forward to his baptism this week! We are also teaching this new kid named Juan. He just graduated in June. We had an awesome Restoration lesson with him. He has been on our potentials list for a really long time. We caught him just as he was about to leave for training ( Marines ) last week, and set up an appointment with him. He is a miracle investigator for us. A little ray of sunshine in a difficult time of teaching.

We also FINALLY got to meet with Dillan to teach him the Restoration. He was the guy who bore his testimony in church last Sunday. It was weird because we had our lesson in his garage... But King (a member.. his name is actually Chris) was at the lesson with us and he testified with such power! It was amazing!! :) I am grateful for all the awesome returned missionaries that are examples to us. So many people look up to us, and we look up to them!! :)
We also were able to stop by Jamie's and teach the Plan of Salvation. This would have to be my favorite lesson to teach. I love to see people's reactions when they are told that they can live with their families together forever. Jamie's older sister was at her lesson and so were, like, 8 of her little, baby, girl cousins. :) They were paying close attention. You could tell that they were feeling the spirit. AHHH! I just love being a missionary! :)
Sunday was Chaunee's 19th birthday!! We had taken our lunch hour on Friday to take her to 7-11 for Slurpees and Target to get us all matching shirts. I love Chaunee so much. She is a wonderful example to me. I love that she instantly turns to her Father in Heaven for advice. I love to see her testimony grow as she becomes a more perfect Daughter. This week she went to one of Kevin's lessons with us and she bore a powerful testimony of tithing. She talked about how you don't need to struggle financially to see the blessings of tithing. :) She is super legit!!!! I will miss her. She goes into the MTC on October 23rd.

After conference Sunday morning we (the whole zone) walked over to the Petersen's for a huge waffle breakfast! :) It was delicious. I will send a picture of that, too. There were waffles, strawberry, ice cream, peaches, apples, bananas, grapes, chocolate syrup, maple syrup, and a bunch of juice. I was in HEAVEN! :)

I am happy. I had a really hard day this week, but I have learned so much as well. It's hard when people don't want to learn about Christ's church. But that doesn't make me less of a person and I know that! :)
Smiles from Sunriseeeeeeeee
Sister Fields

We were walking and saw Elder Johnson and Elder Rogers... hahaha

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