Monday, November 11, 2013

..............I love technology!

Woooo hoooo! Another week with lots to do, and no time to do it in. :) I love when we go home still having things to do because it means the next day is going to be productive, too! On Tuesday I did a training in ZTM (zone training meeting) on Inspired Questions, and that was so fun. I don't feel it was as successful as I wanted it to be, but I certainly feel like what was needed to be said, was said. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve the missionaries that serve so close to me! I have a testimony of asking to get people involved. Sister Neider (our mission president's wife) said "the difference between preaching and teaching is asking questions." I used this as the theme of the training and focused on loving the people we teach so much that we can't help but ask them about how they can apply the things we teach to their lives. 

As of Wednesday morning, we are now in a Missionary TRIO! Everything is alright with me. I am healthy and safe and happy, so are my companions Sister Crowe and Sister Pierson. 

Wednesday we had a Gladys Knight fireside and we went there at 9:30 in the morning to start setting up, left at 12:00 for 30 minutes for lunch, and left at 11:45 at night when we finished cleaning up after the two shows. It was super crazy long, but it was nice to have something out of the norm. We also got to sleep in the next day. Woot for getting permission to not wake up until 8! 
Guess where I am?

 Balancing on the stall, cleaning Gladys Knight's bathroom. Shout out to Mourtney. 

Sister Crowe wasn't feeling well so she slept while I weekly planned. It was weird for things to be quiet. I liked to be able to pray calmly for each of the people we teach and to make lesson plans for them. Have I said lately how much I love being a missionary? I love to teach eternal truths. (Miss McDade, I really look up to you as a 4th grade teacher... it would be hard for me to teach something like Math... hahaa) I love to list blessings that they could use in their life and teach the attached doctrine, inviting them to change their ways and to be happier. I love being a missionary! 

OH! In Sister Pierson's area there are two little investigators (Cruz, 13 and Alexis, 11) and while we were teaching them a lesson their DOG DIED IN MY LAP!!! It was their neighbors really tiny, new born-ish puppy. His name was Peanut-butter and he was the size of my hand. He, like, threw up all over the ground and the kids were laughing so (thank you, Mom) I cleaned it and the dog up and then I was petting the dog and it seized... and all dogs go to Heaven. So sad, and weird that this happened. It was sudden. I guess I'll have to learn something from this. :P That was sad.... 

Daniel's baptism was Saturday and he bore a wonderful tender testimony. He is a great example to me of endurance. I will have to send some pictures. I wish I had more time to express all the feelings I felt, and all the things that were said but it was just a wonderful morning. :) 

Sunday we did splits because both of the wards we cover meet at 1pm. I was Morgan Rhodes' companion and some really crazy things that don't normally happen, happened. One of our RCs (recent converts) got offended and left church, I cried in relief society meeting... It was a crazy day. And week. And mission.


I love being a missionary so much :) 

~Smiles from Sunrise
Sister Fields

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