Monday, February 10, 2014

Happy Birthday and other things

Monday- nothing real cool. Except Keleps gettin' her ears pierced. It was so fun to go with her and to hold her hand. We were taught a lot about faith. She, I am pretty sure, mumbled some choice Tongan words based on her facial expression. Over all I know she is happy about her decision. She is happy to have that extra little boost of confidence.

Tuesday we had exchanges. I was in Sister Ena's area with her. She is so precious. She has been out for almost six months and has had a lot of hard things happen at home but she still teaches (and sings!!) like an angel. We had a really cool experience with a less active member. His name is Steve and has has an INCREDIBLE story. He was driving to work one morning and someone pulled out in front of him so he had to swerve and he hit someone walking in the road and killed him. Apparently the man had intended to be hit. He wore all black and was walking around at night because he wanted to... not live anymore. This man was explaining the story in horrific detail that scared me and just softened my heart all at the same time. He had tears in his eyes, family... It was incredible to see this grown man so, low I guess. I really learned that the Atonement (Christ's life and sacrifice) is for EVERYONE! We knelt and prayed with him. He asked me to pray that the pain goes away. We were all crying... He said that he finally gets it. He said "I feel like I can finally breath in my heart after all these years." (about 6 I think.)
I am so grateful for that experience. I wish I could explain it ALL! I need to write in my journal more.
Wednesday was MLC and that was so long and so fun. It is still amazing to be in a room full of dedicated missionaries. I took TWELVE pages of notes in 6 hours... Crazy, crazy. I know that the church is Christ's. Woo. :)
Thursday.... Oh Thursday was the exchange. Oops. The days just run together. Tuesday we left the mission for a successful doctor's appointment. Verdict: I need to take a little "me-time" a day and I won't be as shaky. I love to have so many resources for help so quickly.
Friday was Zone Training Meeting and Weekly Planning. I did a training on defining member missionary work and how to combat the "weight-gain" of doing "MMW" wrong. It was pretty comical. I think it was fun to hear the missionaries role play saying no to food and sitting talkative members down to have a spiritual lesson. I think it went well... But nothing will every stand up to the training on being a consecrated missionary I did... 3 MONTHS AGO? Why does time go by so fast.
Saturday was Aaron's baptism. 

I feel like I have been successful as to the "numbers" of baptisms I have had on my mission but I have never experienced what happened Saturday February 8th at 4:20ish. Aaron was put under the waters of baptism there was like s sonic boom of spirit that just blasted from him. It was undeniable. I just loved to sit there. He just stood after, for a second... We all just waited in silence. His testimony after he changed was this:
"I used to define myself by my past, now I define myself by what God sees in me. IN the name of Jesus Christ, Amen"

I had an excellent birthday. Thank you for all the love int he form of presents, emails, letters, and thoughts. I love you all.
Saturday is transfer doctrine day! AHHHH

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