Monday, April 21, 2014


So this is a slow computer- BUT I AM SO GRATEFUL TO BE ABLE TO HEAR FROM MY FAMILY EVERY WEEK!!! What a blessing it is to live in a time where I can instantly talk to my loved ones!
Today is Sister Stoker's birthday. This morning I looked at my watch 15 minutes before comp study was supposed to end and said "OH NO! We're going to be late- put your shoes on." Really there wasn't a set time to go I just wanted to make it more exciting.We went to the Cupcakery and I had called before and ordered a little box for her. It was really cute! (Because these computers aren't working the best we are going to email now and send pictures later today...) After that we picked up a frappacino from Starbucks and now we are emailing. After this we are leaving to get pedicures and going to the Cheesecake Factory with Sister Lee (LOVE HER). It is just going to be a day full of surprises and fun!! Sister Stoker is so sweet to me so we are aiming to make this the best day ever!!
          This week was exciting with exchanges. I spent a day with Sister Lowry and Sister Nilson. Sometimes my favorite thing about exchanges is just to talk about how we have real life problems. I have learned this week that it is alright to have a bad day every once in a while as long as you turn to the Lord for every second of it!! In Sister Nilson's area (called Lake Mead) we were role playing in the morning using a "blessing contact" and Sister Nilson played the investigator. After I asked her "What feels different than from when we started talking?" She said that the room looks a little lighter. Then we were talking to someone that day, asked the same question and he WORD FOR WORD SAID THE EXACT SAME THING!!! You best believe that we smiled so wide- the Lord REALLY prepares people to receive His message. I know it! 
ALSO------ BEST PART OF THE WHOLE WEEK------ WE WENT TO LUNCH WITH SISTER NEIDER BUT IT GETS BETTER! We were talking about some sisters that were struggling with certain problems, asking for advice and things like that. We all were talking about what our responsibilities are and how best we should be accomplishing them. I loved hearing her words of wisdom about following up. She also applied EVERYTHING we talked about to marriage and family. ("Salt Lake says we need to tell you that you will be real people again one day," she says) I love Sister Neider with my whole heart! Anyways... We were talking when she all the sudden brings up the article (which everyone in the world and their mom wants to talk to us about, which is nice... but Sister Stoker quotes it "Fields, tall and outgoing radiates confi..." ALRIGHT HUSH!) 
Side note: Sister Stoker and I just switched computers and this one is bigger... I thought I wrote a lot more than I did. Whoops.
BACK TO THE STORY!! Sister Neider said that she was reading the comments and "not all of them are nice, sisters..." She went on to explain that the ordained women were a little upset I was talking about Humility and said that it was stupid to ask a sister to do that and blah blah blah... WELL THEN SHE SAYS 


and so that happened. We are pretty much best friends. I just wanted all of you to know about this! 

With all my love,
and off to have fun

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