Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Dear the entire Northwest, I CAN ACTUALLY TAN! :)

So... I'm sure all of you have read the article Sister Stoker and I are in. Anyway, there is a part when I simply joke about a "complimony" which is a combination of a compliment and a testimony... Naturally. We share it all the time as our dinner thought! There is actually a missionary, Ammon, in the Book of Mormon that uses a complimony. He is serving a King, King Lamoni. While he is watching their sheep and robbers come and try to scatter them so they can take them for their own. Ammon is so faithful to the king that he cuts the arms off all the robbers! When the King finds out about this heroic event he calls Ammon in to speak with him. Ammon testifies that The Lord gave him the strength and essentially goes on to teach him the whole gospel of Jesus Christ. The king is so full of he spirit that he PASSES OUT. When the queen hears this, she wants to know about what he learned. She is so ready to accept all the teachings ( we call that Golden ) that she just listens and soaks it all in!
Here's the complimony!!! (Alma 19:10) "and Ammon said unto her: blessed art thou because of thy exceeding faith; I say unto thee, woman, there has not been such great faith among all the people of the [nation]." Here he makes her feel like $1,000,000 while also teaching her the very basics of our faith- we believe in Jesus Christ. 
So all of you can put this in your belt of how to share what you know to be true with all your friends :) Here are a few examples:
You spend so much time with your family. I am so glad I have an example like you to know how to treat my family the way God would want us to treat our families.
Boy you are so cute! You would look so cute sitting next to me at church on Sunday ;) hahahaha. Alright, that one is for Eli. You can use that one on all the ladies!

Invite your friends to church- they deserve it :) 
I WILL HAVE TWO NEW NEPHEWS THIS MONTH. I love you all and I wish you the best of luck :) see you on SUNDAYYYYYYYYY
-Sister Fields

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