Monday, May 19, 2014

so it's 100* outside and I had a temperature of 102.6* I guess I just like to match the weather.

This is kind of frustrating... iPads don't save drafts well... So now I am typing this story for the third time. 

Anyways: We had a wonderful and fun miracle this week! We were walking on a street in our area contacting some investigators (brag moment: we have 11 investigators on that one street! You best believe it!!) and Sister Stoker and I both looked at a certain house for a few seconds. The impression came to both of us at the same time to knock on the door. This is unusual because we only knock on doors that we have a name for in this mission. But we ignored it after weighing our options. We went around the corner and Elise, an investigator, was busy at the moment. Walking back to our car we passed the house again! This time there were TWO cars in the drive way. I wish I could have recorded this experience. It was surreal how we both knew and without words walked to the door. 
Guess who answers? ED! We are now teaching Ed and his wife... But I don't want to jump ahead. 

*knock, knock* 
"HONEY! The Mormon tabernacle choir just knocked at our door! Angles, please come in, what brings you here today?"

He sounds like a member huh? Well that's what we thought. But he is just a kind man that knows a lot of members of the church. He talked about his "spiritual journey" and was opening up so much that he cried. He gave us a Jesuit cross from the early 1800s because he say "Christs eyes" are in ours. Isn't that so crazy? I am alllllllllllllll about inspired knocking now. I am really grateful that Heavenly Father trusts us enough to be sent to His children who are prepared! The church is true, that's for sure!!

 I loved this week, despite the food poisoning... Hahaha. We reached all of our goals. And I slept for 18 hours one day. I feel like a whole new person. I love where I am, and what I am doing! :) 

-Sister Fields.

I need to write more about miracles! :) this is so nice to share with you. HAVE A FABULOUS WEEK!!!!!!!!

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