Monday, June 23, 2014

I need to tell a story of what faith can do.

So this week Sister Stoker and I sent amazingly high goals. We were so pumped and prayed and fasted we would be able to have the energy and excitement to be able to work hard all week and to be lead to those whom are seeking for more peace, direction, and comfort I their lives. On Saturday the beautiful Jocelyn Gellabert came and spent the whole day with us :) we planned that day to find 8 new people to teach- a higher goal than most people achieve in a whole week. 

We did everything we were told and were completely on time and obedient. We talked to everyone we saw. We had an amazingly fun day.... But was no where close to our goal. I talked to Stoke ya out it at the end of the day and was actually really sad... I shouldn't be because I learned a lot but I wanted my goal to be reached. 

This Sunday (yesterday) she was an incredible example to me of never losing hope. We stopped and talked to someone, and swiftly moved on the the next place we needed to be. Over and over again. I am embarrassed to say had a bad attitude. "We don't even have a member with us, the best people we find with members." My face must have been as sour as my attitude because she began to notice... She assured me we would be blessed. 

We walked up to a potential invesitgators door - even though we had just watched him drive away - and knocked in faith. Sister Stoker said out loud "The Utah license plate is their member friend and they've been praying we'll come here to pray with them."

TRUTH! There was a member over visiting because the mother had just lost a son. They had prayed god would send someone to pray for them. It was a miracle. After the lesson, the walk back to the car felt long. My eyes were heavy with tears. Literally I learned that day that every prayer in heard in Gods own time... 

I am so blessed. I am grateful for that learning experience and I hope to have many many more!!

I love this mission. I love the gospel. I love Sister Stoker. I love my family, in Oregon AND in Las Vegas. I love the feeling I get when I can't help but smile because I feel the love of a kind and patient Savior.

-Sister Fields

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