Monday, July 7, 2014

possessed cats and silent dogs, fireworks and snow! You're gonna LOVE my week!

Alright! I hope that you all had a safe Independence Day and were able to think of all your solider friends. I saw a guy wearing a T-shirt that said "The home of the free because of the brave" and just loved it! I have CEOs to be very grateful for the freedom we have in this country. I am grateful to live in the land the gospel was restored on! :) It rained on the fourth for the first time in 2 and a half months. People had just started to panic because of the drought. After our planning that night we stepped outside and could see the WHOLE valley. There were so many firework shows, and the weather was relatively cool. It was a good night!

This was a pretty hard week for me. I don't know why but I was just in a funk. I was having a hard time staying motivated to work and that is something I have never found hard before. Sister Tui really helped me. We talked through a lot of things that I could hardly find words for. I just felt... Weird. Speaking of weird!!! We had a lady call us last night on a restricted number. I tried to ask who she was but she asked to remain un-named. She told us she was hearing voices, and she thinks her cat was the one talking. She thinks that her cat is possessed. She wanted advice on what to do. I offered that we come over  and say a prayer with her and her cat and she hung up! It was so funny when we knocked on the next house's door and a cat meowed pretty loud. Sister Tui jumped, right out of her skin!! I hope that lady and her cat are doing alright. :P

We had zone training meeting this week.  One of the zone leaders gave an awesome and incredible training on the gifts of the spirit and how we need to be accessing more of our potential. We read about miracles that happened in the the Bible and the Book of Mormon and talked about how the same authority to perform those miracles is on the Earth today! I left so pumped!! I think I was shooting for raising someone from the dead with my shadow... But I was able to see a tiny piece of what The Lord has in store for us missionaries when we were in a lesson with Selena. We were talking about prayer and how there is real power in it. We asked her a few questions about what she wanted us to included in the prayer. Her dog was in the other room barking like someone was beating it, I swear. I was starting to get frustrated... Anyways. In the beginning of the prayer we prayed for the dog by name and asked God to comfort him so he will know we are friends. The dog literally stopped. In that second. You say coincidence and I say BLESSING!!! It was pretty legit. Selena even noticed it. She said she felt God's presence calm her and her dog. That's a modern-day miracle. A silence chihuahua!

And last but certainly not least I met the Snows this week. They are our new mission president and mom! They are so tender-hearted and have brought so much energy into this mission. They are really concerned about individuals and not a whole crowd. I am so grateful to have felt their love this week. I was able to talk things out and to feel a unique peace. I love them, and Las Vegas is lucking to have them. 

I'm glad I got to write a little this week :) I love being a missionary. I can't believe it had been 16 months since I have been a real person. I am grateful for this little habitat that I have become strong in. I can't wait to conquer the WORLD! Hug Mom for me.
-Sister Molly Fields

Even the fireworks in Anthem loves us!

From my balcony

I don't know which gave it away faster. The BYU license plate cover or the Star Wars Family.

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