Monday, August 25, 2014


Let me start off by telling you about last Monday. After the P-day part of the day was over, we went to contact a referral we got while we were playing sports [which we did for 2 and a half hours last week... my face was lobster red of course] earlier that day. The name was Lloyd Coffing. The only information we had was his address, his age, and "he needs help."
At 7 we had a member with us, MaShae Lee whom I love! We knocked on his door and he answered asking if we were from the Mormon church. When we answered in the positive he started crying and opened the door. We sat down, and he told us his story. Earlier that weekend he was visited by his sister and brother-in-law who are active members of our church. They knew he was going through a hard time so they told him us. We got there 4 and a half hours after the referral had been sent in... that is SO rare! We usually take 5 or 6 days to contact people. We were all at the right place at the right time!
We taught Grandpa Lloyd the first lesson and invited him to be baptized on August 9th and he said YES!!! It was seriously one of the most powerful lessons I have been a part of! :) He is such an incredible little man that needs a lot of help from the Lord and he is getting it!

Also, on Friday we went to the temple for new missionary temple trip! I told Sister Tui about the talking trees (which I will show you when you are here) and since it was President and Sister Snow's first time to the temple I told them about it as well.. I felt like a cool kid! They were so sweet to be so excited and share that with all the new missionaries :)

AND SATURDAY I went to the temple for JOE AND MARILYN THAYER'S SEALING!! Their endowment session started at 12:30 so we got there at 12, when in walks ALLI BERGER!!! My trainer! Man, I just love her. She and I started teaching them March when I got there. And they were baptized  in June with Sister Pence and I as companions. All of us where there for them and I promise you I have never been more happy in my life! It is a weird feeling to try to explain. I was just so happy that I could have burst at any second. Now Joe and Marilyn are sealed for time and all eternity. I felt all the sad things that happened on my mission just melt away the moment they said "I do." It was just the most sweet thing... They were teary eyed and they were just glowing from the spirit! It is SO rewarding to be a missionary and to see someone desire to continue in the gospel.

They are so sweet to me! I loved to hug them and feel of the joy that was just so packed inside of them :) I love the gospel so much! :)

This was a great, spirit-filled week! It really, really was.
~Sister Fields

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