Friday, May 24, 2013

Hey all of you should write SETH!!


Write Seth. He is such a good Elder!! :) He's been out a month and a half.... WHAT?? His mission is splitting July 1st. I hope he stays in the mission he is in... just for the sake of it's name. I mean, it's his dad's mission. His mailing address is 
Elder Setheroni 'n' Cheese Carstens
1250 Main Street
Broomfield, Colorado 80020

This week we get to start exchanges. Tonight I drive Sister Pence to Kingman to drop her off with Sister Berger, and I pick up Sister Jenson-Coon. I am looking forward to learning how to be a better "trainer" (really, Sister Pence is training me) from a second opinion. Sister JCoon is such a funny girl, and it only lasts 24 hours so I shouldn't get companion withdrawals too bad. I will report on how that goes next week. Saturday we have our second exchange. We are the only sisters out of valley, so it's just us four in a "sister district." 

I WANT TO SHARE A MISSIONARY POEM WITH YOU, but I keep leaving it in the apartment. Mom, thank you for the little notebook. It helps me to remember what I need to write about. and I will stick the poem in it! :) Also, THANK YOU FOR THE PACKAGE!! I love Seeds of Change SO MUCH. I am eating it right now... It's quick, portable, delicious and nutritious. I enjoyed eating sugary cereal as well! :) My companion was extremely entertained by the bacon in an envelope story I told her. Dad, you are famous here. Thank you so much for the sticky note supply. i certainly will use them ALL!! AND I LOVE BROCCOLI CHEESE SOUP!! It's 9007* here, but I am always in the mood for a nice, warm cup of soup and a skillet toasted tortilla. 

On Saturday we had an appointment every hour. It was the best. So packed full that we had to rush out of people's houses. I love that. Our Heavenly Father is blessing us, and allowing us to teach His  children. We had planned to talk to a street contact, Vicky. She was "confined to a power chair," but we found her power chair and not her... so... we knocked on the wrong door in her apartment building but the lady we talked to ended up being really interested and we gave her a Book of Mormon and she already started reading it! How crazy, huh? It's amazing how He knew where we would be because we had planned it so He put someone in our path to share the gospel with. 

Friday night we had a Luau for the ward, spearheaded by the Kalauli's. It lasted 2 hours and the entertainment and food didn't run out. It was honestly the BEST ward function I've ever been to. There were 14 non-members there and all of the ward members were talking to them and caring about them, and inviting them over. It was SO GOOD. The next day we had 5 non-members at church. WOOOO HOOOO! We invited the Elders and their investigators and a few came. We contacted a man at Wal-Mart last Monday and he and his wife and their two, teen-age sons came. It was successful and fun. Plus it was only, like, 94* outside! All the prayers worked!! :) 

Yesterday we sang in sacrament. What an awesome experience. Since our Stake President cried I would say we did a good job. I send Mom what the Relief Society President, Sister Petry (she accompanied us) recorded when we were practicing. Hopefully it all goes through.

I love you!! It's time to go bowling. Yay for bowling in a skirt. :P Let me know if there is anything we can do for you! 
Sister Fields Jr. ;)

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