Monday, May 13, 2013

Yesterday I realized how much I REALLY like my family.

I had a wonderful time talking to all of you yesterday. You truly mean the world to me. I loved telling you all the stories I was too lazy to type or just needed to see your faces during. I loved hearing about how things are back at home. Seriously the back yard looks so good. I haven't seen grass like that since I was at the temple. Everything here has rock. And RAIN! I loved seeing the rain. What they do have here, though, are QUAILS. And they all just had babies. They are like little, wobbly, puff-balls that follow around big quails. I love quails so much. I want to just chase the baby quails around. 

Anyways, I am sure birds isn't what you want to hear about. I am sorry about last weeks letter. It was a surprisingly hard week. A lot happened that I wish would have gone differently, but such is life. On Saturday, however, Jennifer was baptized. She talked about how in the first lesson I shared Ether 12: 27. (GO LOOK IT UP.) She bore her testimony on how much she needed the gospel in her life and in her children's lives. She said she will always remember me and that day. I think that's so crazy. To be remembered by someone's heart and spirit is so sacred and so... lucky. I am so proud to have been worthy of the Holy Ghost, and that his influence inspired her to change her whole life. It's AMAZING how far Jenny has come in these past two weeks. 

Also, MY NEW COMPANION. Wonderful. She is a singing ginger, we are pretty much best friends. :) Her name is Sister Pence and she decided to come on a mission because of the October 2012 announcement. However, she is 27. She had prepared for a mission and not submitted her papers twice before, then in October she KNEW she had to go. I am so lucky to have her. She deals with my madness and she promotes me being healthy and a good missionary. She went to Southern Virginia University and graduated with a degree in child and family development... cough cough Mormon much? She sings like and ANGEL and is number four of eight. I am happy to call her Sister. 

Things are going good this week. It's just slow and packed... as always. 
Oh my gosh I wish their were words for how much I love you! :)

Hugs from Havasu!!
Sister (and daughter and friend) Fields

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