Tuesday, May 7, 2013

BLOG> I am bored.

We only have an hour today. We were running late this morning. I love having a lot to do. It's weird to sit down for a whole hour, though. I am so used to go go go go go that an hour of sitting and talking about myself... weird. I am going to be an awkward child when I get home, I just know it! I am just too dedicated to talking to, thinking about, and serving others. It's weird to have a whole hour in the morning to get ready and eat breakfast. I just want to study for the people I am going to see that day. I love being a missionary. Have I said that yet? I hope I don't bore you by telling you I love it so much. But I do.

About my new companion!! I WISH I was training, but she is totally training me. She has "greenie power," and I know she won't even lose an ounce of it. She is ready to be 100% missionary and nothing else. Lake Havasu City isn't going to know what hit them!! She is the 4th of 8 children. And she is 27 but the age change in October made her want to serve. Ironic, huh? She loves her family and I love them too by the way she talks about them :) Plus, she is a fiery red-head. Of course we get along. She just got out of the MTC. And she was in the first group to enter the MTC with MORE SISTERS THAN ELDERS!! What the heck, right? That's so bomb. I am excited to spend my whole mission with sisters straight from the MTC. :P 

We now have almost 50 sisters in our mission. And I am ready for more, now. :) We also have 4 Assistants to the President because of how many missionaries there are. 

Jenny is getting baptized on Saturday. There is a lot to do :) I wish her kids were eight so they could get baptized with her. But they only have 2 years, and the bore their testimony in church on fsat Sunday. Crazy, huh? Just shows what praying for miracles can do for ya!

I'm sorry I'm not writing much. I REALLY need to write things down on sticky notes. I had been doing good. And I will next week.

This work is hard, but it's all worth it. 
No doubt.

~Sister Fields

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