Monday, June 10, 2013

*Something clever about it already being 1,000* outside*... My face is melting off.

SATURDAY IS SISTER PENCE'S BIRTHDAY! She is going to be 28, nine ages older than me. Which means when she was graduating high school I was 9, when she graduated college I had just finished middle school, and now we are just the bestest of friends. It is amazing how it is working out.

OH, TRANSFER NEWS: I am staying here in Havasu, continuing the 12 week training program with Sister Pence. I'll be the senior companion and she'll be the senior citizen. ;) I think that is so funny. I will be here until at least July 30th! Yay for the hottest transfer in the hottest place. If you are at home checking the Lake Havasu City weather add ten degrees to it. The fathers of this city's government pay people to advertise 10 to 15 degrees cooler so tourists still come. I know because a ton of members have said that and proven it with their home thermometers. 

KIEL WAS BAPTIZED on Friday. Joe quit smoking after promising her would smoke his whole life. Marilyn got a priesthood blessing, and now wants the constant companion of the Holy Ghost. We have 21 investigators, and I am determined to be at all their baptisms. Our mission president asked us, starting tomorrow, to read the Book of Mormon in 75 days. It's a little over seven pages a day, and almost half of our investigators are doing it with us. I am so excited.

Honestly this week has been wonderful. I have done a lot of self reflection and improvement, and I am setting and achieving goals to be a better missionary and a better person. 

~Sister Fields

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