Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Heavenly Father is blessing me with talent I didn't have :)

On Friday we had the opportunity to drive up to Vegas to have a Sister's Luncheon. This was my second, but it was very different from the first. In the first meeting 13 weeks ago was in President and Sister Neider's home. We had thirty girls and that was so many! We had to pull chairs in from the kitchen and President was pretty much peeing his pants because he was so happy. It was a unique spirit we had. There was a little training from the APs, but they didn't have too much to say. Sister Neider gave a wonderful little talk on the refiners fire and President talked about how much he loves Sisters, and how much more he loves sisters than Elders. I was there with Sister Berger, and only knew her and my MTC sisters. I really had no idea what I was doing as a missionary but I knew exactly where I was supposed to be. And it was in that room, with those girls.

This past Friday was a whole different experience. We had to go to the mission office, which is a stake center. There were almost 70 sisters and the training was four and a half hours. Lunch was bigger, and there was more to be learned. The spirit was tangible! It was an amazing thing. There was girls crying left and right. People think I'm the type to cry. I'm not :P I really just wanted to jump up and sing though. This week has been so great. I feel like I every day I wake up and literally see a new person in the mirror. A better and happier person. I miss my friends and family but there is nothing I could do to make me better for them.

SPEAKING OF FAMILY> I have a new aunt. She is adopted  in so please assume your respective relative role (ie, mother is her sister, father is her sister-in-law, and brother is her nephew). Her name is Sister Diane Wheatley. I am taking her home with me! :) We knocked on her door about two weeks after I got here and it was less than a month after she lost her mommy. She says all the time "my girls came at the right time." She is so nice and so open to coming back to church. She knows the Lord sent us. Just goes to show I'm right where I am supposed to be! She says we aren't like other missionaries who just convert, get people to church and leaves. She knows we are there for her and to help her cope with everything that is going on. It is not our responsibility to be her "friends" because that is what the ward it for. But... she is our aunt. It was AWESOME to see her in church, AND in Relief Society. She swore she would never go again and she was there. So happy! :) 

Also, way cool fireside thing we had yesterday, no? OH MY GOSH! Kim was there, I am super jealous of her. Jeffery R. Holland conducted and he is just pretty much the largest spiritual giant I have ever witnessed in my whole existence. He testified of what a marvelous opportunity it is to be part of this work in this time. Also, they said that we are going to start using facebook/blogs/social media to help us with proselyting. What a genius idea. I am excited to find out when our mission is staring up on that.Did you miss it? Here's the link... you'll love it!

I love you all. And I love Jesus!


Hugs from Havasu! :) 
Sister Fields!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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