Monday, September 2, 2013

BLOG: here's the thing

So it's Sister Coltrin's birthday.... And because it is Labor day we have been emailing on our member's laptops while we eat MnMs and watch the district on

I already have a hard time paying attention.

I will bullet-point things I am going to write about either later today or next week.

~We went on exchanges, and talked to a crazy lady and a really sad less active
~We got transfer calls (SPOILER ALERT: Same area, same companion
~I visited a nurse.. woo for infected blisters. I have pictures ;)
~I love Sister Coltrin
~Package from my AMAZING family
~Amazing mission life, a day in the life of Sister Fields

I'm sorry family, I am just a little cray cray today running from place to place! :)

Smiles from Sunrise
<3 Sister Molly Fields

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