Monday, September 23, 2013

Things are going from brown to brown here this beautiful Autumn season.... #VegasProblems

Last Monday I got a hair cut. Not because I wanted anything to change about it, I just needed the split ends trimmed. It ended up being about 4 inches, but my hair is well below my collar bone still. Just, I guess, for your information. :)

We taught FHE (family home evening) Monday night and it was super awesome!! The spirit was so strong! We taught The Restoration. We started be asking everyone to pull out their phones and make a list of five non-member friends they have. We went on to explain how Heavenly Father loves each of the people in the room, and each of the people in the world. We taught about how we were placed into families, and given ward families, to understand God's love more. We taught about how there are prophets all through out history that lead and guide until Christ came. After his death, many people believed that the world was left to their own interpretation of religion, and honestly they were. Until Heavenly Father prepared the world again to receive a prophet. We showed the (20 minute, check it out) restoration movie ( At the end we bore some powerful testimonies about how the restoration of Christ's church has blessed each of our lives, and our families, and how we know it will bless the rest of our lives. We challenged the crowd to look over the list again, prayerfully, and ask Heavenly Father who is prepared to receive the gospel NOW. It was super fun and super sweet.
I want to shout out to all the less-active members we are working with. They have such unique backgrounds and stories. They all have reasons for falling away and they all have reasons for needing to come back. We are working with an (AWESOME) kid who was bullied by church kids growing up. Because of that he slowly lost his testimony. He joined the Marines and just got harder and harder hearted. One day we stopped by and we were able to help him to change his life. :) We have been meeting with him for a month now and we finally asked him to make a list of things that he believes so he knows what he can start with. He sent us a text. "Sisters I did it." We asked him what the list was. "I believe God exists and I believe He will forgive me of my sins." Let me tell you, that will make a sister missionary cry. It's EPIC the change that has occurred in him. He hasn't missed church, and doesn't plan on missing it ever again.
We are also working with a lot of people who just let work and school take priority. To see them beg God for their testimony back is so humbling. I wish I could just take all of you to one of these lessons. I want you to feel what I feel. I want you to know how much Heavenly Father loves them like I do. OH MY GOSH> I am just so full I can't explain it! :)
By the way, Sister Coltrin fits in her suit case. We were super stressed after a really weird thing that happened this week and we just went home super giggly! I was hiding behind the clothes in the closet to scare Sister Coltrin and she was thinking where she should hide. I dared her to fit in her suit case. And she does. You welcome world. My companion has a sweet super power. :)
We had zone training this week. I got to sit next to Sister Barth (my MTC companion for those of whom don't remember/know). We learned a lot about organization and about the things that make member-missionary work roll. Sister Neider showed a little clip about some guy who did the Iron Man Triathlon with his autistic son. It was so crazy. He did the whole thing with him strapped to him. In the swimming part he pulled him in a raft, he had him in a little car seat thing for the bike part, and he ran with him in a stroller during the running part. It looked insane! I realized how much we need Heavenly Father and how we can't do it without him!! I loved all the little trainings. I am ready to apply them and be super successful and work super hard! :)
We just started teaching this kid named Kevin. He is so ready to live the gospel. He had a friend that was an awesome example and invited him to learn more. Kind reminds me of the infamous story of Jake Hansen. :) It's cool to see the missionaries' side of the story. Jake, bro, you're a blessing. Text your missionaries and tell 'em you love them. Their job was hard.
We made T-shirts. They say Mormon,org. And they are awesome. I will send pictures!! :) (When I take them.....)
There is a girl named Emily Mower who moved here from Oregon (via BYU-I) to be a Spanish teacher. Anyways, she is one of the most talented musicians I have met in my whole life. She was playing around on the piano after church and I joined her. We sang together and it turned into an intense 20 minute (gospel) jam session in the chapel. I loved it. It was so relaxing and stress relieving! I felt like a real person for a while. I love love love love love loved it!! :) Tender mercies!
~Smiles from Sunrise
Sister Fields

While we were there we made this for one of the Elders in our district. He eats with an apron at all the house he goes to because he is messy. His companion asked us to do it for him. :) It's one of his ties tied down and a puff painted tag. hahaha :)

This is Sister Coltrin, Ms. McDade and I. We went over to her house for service. We helped her puff paint (thanks to my Awesome DAD) T Shirts for her and her class :)

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