Monday, September 9, 2013

THIS WEEK, was.... full of funny stories. :)

I am sorry about last weeks letter. I am terrible at staying focused. I tend to use P-Day as a vacation for my mind. 10-6 is some precious time to recollect my brain cells and get ready for the week. I want my familia to know about what is going on though so here ya GOO...

Awesome short stories of this week:

We ate stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut for the 100th time since I've been in Sunrise. It's kind of an obsession of Sister Coltrin's and mine. 

We went to IHOP twice this week, once for breakfast with the Conger's because it was Stacy's birthday and once with Karl for dinner. It was funny. I got a bacon omelette (not as good as Dad's) and a Asian chicken salad.  (OH and we have dinner assigned EVERY DAY THIS MONTH!!)

You remember how in Havasu we did a youth fireside? Well four missionaries teach one of the following basic principals of missionary work; invite, encourage, testify and love. We did a tag team role play where I acted as a friend of the kids and they each did one of the principals. This is how the third one went down:

Me: Hey thanks again for letting me come over. I had fun.
Kid 1: Yeah, me too. I was also wondering if you wanted me to pick you up for my church tomorrow. I'd love to see you there.
Me: Hm... that sounds alright. I'll have to check with my mom.
Kid 2: ..................... I'll free up your mom's schedule.
WHAT THE HECK?! needless to say we all laughed for a while. Way to encourage, buddy. I will certainly be at church tomorrow :P

We have dinner about half the times in Elder Johnson and Rogers ward because single's can barely feed their selves. On Saturday we had dinner at one the family ward homes and had an amazing broccoli cheese casserole (I got the recipe and I am sending it to you, Mom!) and mashed sweet potatoes and marinated cucumbers. It was delicious. However, the parents (obviously hippies in a past life) spent a lot of the dinner talking about how they made their decision to have home births. with 4 of their 5 kids. we got all the stories...... awkward. That's one for the journal. :P

Oh shout out to Tyler Fielding who got his call to Argentina. His sister (Brittany) moved into my ward. Their from Scappoose, Oregon so that's cool that I had dinner at the home of someone I have had dinner with in "real life."

Emily Mower (also from the northwest) gave a talk on Sunday that really touched my heart. She was talking about when Christ said "bring me your sick, your blind, your lame. Bring me your afflicted and..." He goes on.
I was thinking "I am none of these. How do I get to Him? He didn't ask for me." Emily explained that as we see people around us who are suffering we can take their hands and lead them to Him. As we do so we are bringing ourselves closer to Him. That is why I am so happy!! It's because I get to do that everyday! :)

We taught a Chinese guy named Huey this week. We talked about the Restoration, for the first time to someone who doesn't have a Christian background. Luckily we met at a member's home. A member who, six months ago, returned from a two year mission in the Philippians. We pretty much just sat their with our jaws on the floor... He taught so smoothly. When we asked Huey if he had any questions at the end he said "I felt.... so peaceful in my heart." OH MY GOSH!!! If he hadn't have worked late he totally would have been to church. 

We also had a short lesson with a guy named Dilan. He is such a sweet kid. He said he is looking for Jesus and luckily we know where to find Him. :) We are getting a turn around from all our hard work. It's awesome to hold a mission record, but for referrals submitted? that means we give away the most investigators. :P So this week we have prayed and prayed and prayed some more and we are being rewarded for that :)

OH! There are a lot of gated communities in Vegas and we have a lot of potentials that live on the other side of gates. Sister Coltrin and I went out... Wednesday? And said a prayer that we would be led to all those whom He would have us see. We went to probably 8 gated communities and we pulled up RIGHT AS SOMEONE ELSE WAS PULLING IN. EVERY-TIME!! :) It was such a blessing. :) We talked to a bunch of people because of it! :)

Last thought, Hymn 216. "Fields of Glory" WINNER!

All my love,
Sister Fields

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