Monday, December 23, 2013

Twas the day before the day before Christmas and all throughout Vegas...

So here is Elisha's story.

We were doing ward council visits, which means all the leaders of our ward come together and anyone else that would like to join and they visit less active members of the ward, ward members they have never met, new move ins, and people like that. I always love them because they produce miracles! Leslie Freitag and I were companions. She drove us to our first how; Veronica Long. We pulled into a humble trailer park, kind of wishing that the visits were when the sun was out. We knocked on the door and a skinny little 17 year-old answered. By her facial expression, we guessed that she was excited we were there but didn't really know who we were.
"Hi. I am Sister Fields. And this is my friend Leslie. We are representatives of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. We are visiting tonight to invite you and your fami...."
"OH my GOSH! We were just talking this morning about how I wanted to get baptized! I can't even believe you guys are here. No way. Mom. Grandma! The Mormon missionaries are here! Please, sisters, come in. This is my son Parker and I know that I need to be baptized to set a good example for him and to be with him forever!"
As you can imagine we were a little taken aback. In a good way... a very, very good way. She went on to share a little of her story. She lives there with her mom, aunt, cousins, grandmother, and her fiance and son. There are a lot of people there, but she is doing well. She took the discussions when she was younger, but her family and her fear of water got the best of her.

Now, she is a little more willing. She loves to learn and reads the Book of Mormon all the time. Every single lesson we have with her the light in her life grows and she just becomes happier. I love teaching her. I love her. I love her family.

In other news JENNY AND NATHAN ARE HAVING BOY NUMBER #3!!!!!!!!! Good little Monkey will have 3 brothers! I am so happy that my family is growing while I am gone :) It is such a blessing to see everyone happy and blessed.
I am excited for Christmas. This has been a happy week. We had our Christmas program. I will have to send a video of our little skit home. While everyone was changing I played Dad singing to be on my bear. I was so happy! I will send pictures when I remember to bring my camera to emailing! :)
Have a Merry Christmas! And watch this video!!

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