Monday, December 16, 2013

Yesterday our new investigator chewed me out.... that was nice! It's a jollly hollly holiday.

So last week we got a referral from the Winterwood Elders for a girl named Leilani. She is 21 and has had a hard life. I commend her on her dedication to God even though she has been on her own, in Vegas, since she was 14. She gave us a small glimpse of it in our lesson yesterday. Anyways I am getting ahead of myself...

We called her Saturday night and she was at a member's home! They were doing nails, and she said "We really were JUST talking about how I should go to a single's ward...
Well thank you for that perfect timing, Spirit. She was at sacrament meeting the next day and really enjoyed it. You could tell she was feeling the spirit and feeling comfortable because she wanted to talk a lot and had a lot of valid questions. She is really searching for the truth! Right after the sacrament, still during the meeting she leaned over to me and said "Sister Fields. I want to be baptized. Will you go with me to throw away my cigarettes?"
Well, most certainly we did! She followed us a little shaky to the restroom where she asked me to join her in quitting and stop biting my nails. (Going strong so far... but let me tell you that was an addiction I didn't know about! whoops...) She even threw in her lighter she was really attached to because it was from a friend of a long time. During our third hour she texted her boyfriend and said they need to break up and that she is moving out. We are so proud of her an her decisions. We went to her house afterward and much to anyone's surprise (because she was talking to me the whole time at church and holding onto my arm walking between classes and things...) she chewed me out for 20 minutes about how I am bossy, disrespectful, and need to realize that "because I am only 19, you have no life experience to allow you to talk to me the way you are." That was so sudden and rude and weird.... I literally cried because I was so caught off guard and embarrassed in front of my companion and member that came with us. 
I mostly just apologized. It was weird. In the drive way the sisters calmed me down and told me the things weren't true... I will tweak a few things while I am around her as to not offend her again. She is cool though. She has just been through a lot so she is working through things in her brain and her emotions I am sure. 

We also have a new investigator named Elisha. (EE-Lee-sha) She is 17, and has a 10 month old, and is marrying her fiance on the 28th! I will tell all about her story next week. The Family History Center is going to close right now because of the holiday. I love all of you. I pray for all of you. I am grateful for the updates from Oregon. Merry Christmas! :)

See you in 9 days!!
Smiles from Sunrise! :) 
Sister Fields

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