Monday, December 16, 2013

*you know the tune* LAST CHRISTMAS, I WAS AT HOME and the very next day I left on my mish. THIS YEAR to save you from tears, I'm skyping home on Christmas! :D

Please let me first tell you what happened RIGHT after we left emailing last week. Back ground story: We email at a different place than the rest of the zone because we cover the area over the huge Family History Center, the zone leaders ask us to give a ride to a set of Elders so the little Family History Center isn't packed all day. I love to serve, so whatever they need! :) Anyways... We have been driving Elder Cuevas (our district leader from Mexico) and Elder Ramos (his companion from the Philippians). Honestly, sometimes we have a hard time understanding them. The language barrier is always entertaining! :) Anyways, we were on our way home and I was telling a story about Courtney and another one of my friends and I said "crush" and they both looked super confused. So we had to explain that word, compared to a car crash. So funny. Then Elder Cuevas asked us to tell him funny sayings like, (in his own words, and thick Hispanic accent) "this ain't my first time at the rodeo." What does Sister Fields decide to share? "YOLO" and "Ain't nobody got time for dat!" Lemme tell you... best idea I have ever had. (I hope that when you read this you laugh half as much as I did, it's good for the abs.)

Moving on... Tuesday I was sick. My head was really dizzy and I was having a hard time focusing and I had a terrible head ache. Essentially my body was done working so I just slept for a whole day. And I wrapped the family's Christmas packages.... It was nice to take ZZZQuil and pass out for literally 16 hours. Mom would be happy. Needless to say I am feeling GREAT today. ha-ha. Last transfer was really exhausting and I really just think I needed to recover. :) I am grateful for that day. Sister Pierson slept the whole day too. That poor girl was tired too. She didn't need to be sick to know. Really, I think that is all that I needed to get me through this last nine months. (OH MY GOSH! I DON'T WANT  TO TALK ABOUT THAT!)

Moving on again... This past Wednesday was Zone Leadership Council. What an amazing meeting it was. I wish that all of you could be a fly on a wall in a missionary meeting. The spirit is tangible and the comments that are made are profound and simple. I love to think that each of us is set apart from the world, so when the room is packed full of missionaries there is no room for the world in it at all! :) One of the things that stood out most to me was the time that Sister Neider asked us to share a "one liner" we have read recently in the New Testament. It was like the spirit of peace was passed from person to person. It was weird to feel so comfortable that I had a hard time breathing! Everyone that raised their hand gave a piece of their heart  to the class. I wrote a lot of them down. I want to learn the New Testament better, I have been reading it (with the mission) in preparation for Christmas!

Thursday was weekly planning, so we ate all the food in our kitchen and beyond. (missionary joke)

Friday we had zone training meeting. I did a training on being a more consecrated and dedicated missionary. What a training to be asked to give on your nine months mark.... We started by making paper air planes (by the way, I know now how to make the best paper air plane!!) While they were making the planes I was setting up my things at the front. We all went to one side of the room and threw them and talked about how they were destined for glory. Everyone was laughing and excited about what the lesson was about. I asked an Elder (the second fastest plane) what some things are that distract us as missionaries. As he was talking I was just casually dipping the plane into a pitcher of water and swirling it around. Everyone was shocked, and chuckled a little. I went to the same spot we threw it from the first time and the plane left my hand and hit the ground! We went through that a second time except I just ripped the plane a tiny, tiny bit. The lesson goes on to talk about how little things get in the way of big miracles. We all wrote what we wanted to change about our selves on a note card and I lit them on fire. I also told a super long and intense (meaning like 3 minutes) story about the Atonement and what it means to me. The training went really, really well. I loved to see the excitement build in everyone. I loved to see the light in their eyes as they realized that they are capable of so much more! :) What a blessing it was to be asked to do that!

Saturday was really cool. We had an awesome dinner with Karina, Ms McDade and her friend Erica. She started a non-profit and has an amazing life story. She just needs to get baptized. Everyone should watch the video we shared with her at dinner! It helps get the Christmas spirit pumped into our veins! 

Well, I am running out of time to email. I will close here just with a little thought on the Book of Mormon. I know that it is the word of God and I have seen it change the lives of many! I am grateful for my opportunity to serve!! :) 

Smiles from CHILLY sunrise!
Sister Fields
9270 S Maryland Pkwy
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