Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year's Adam! (Because Adam came before Eve)

Shout out to Eli for the funny joke of the day! :)

I am just in a fabulous mood today. It is amazing how much an extra hour of sleep can do for anyone, especially a missionary. It is getting to the end of the transfer (we find out what is happening on Saturday) and I am a little exhausted, but other than that ALL IS WELL!

We made this new little board thing that helps us to stay organized when daily contacting our investigators. I love to see how much we are capable of, written down! We have a substantial amount of people we are teaching, so we are keeping busy. We are able to see the fruits of our labors as we are going from day to day finding new people to teach. Also, when we aren't teaching we are finding. It's a vicious, and wonderful, cycle. We go to specific part of our gigantic area and try to talk to as many people as we see, as well as knock on doors of people who we have talked to before.

Christmas was amazing. Thank you for all the useful gifts that were sent to me! I love that I can use everything that I was given. Mom, Eli, and Dad, yours will probably be used the most ;) You are so sweet to me! 
(this is that part in the John Bytheway CD when he says "for those of whom are in our audio audience..." then he explains what he is drawing. Remember that? Anyways.......)
Because of some not very happy circumstances (but to our benefit) the sister missionaries in East Stake came and stayed with us Christmas Eve. We woke up in the morning and all opened our presents together. I felt like if I closed my eyes tight enough that I could smell home :) We left after studying for Skyping the family. I loved to see all your little faces. (AND THANKS FOR TELLING ME YOU GOT BRACES MOM!!! :P) My favorite of all the presents was to find out that BOTH of my older brothers are expecting children. What a blessing. It was a little hard to realize that things won't wait for me until I put my head on straight and thanked God for the blessing the little babies will be in my life... and I guess to everyone else. haha.
For the rest of the day we went from member to member and had short lessons with them. Lauren Thomas took us to Del Taco for lunch, and we had dinner with none other than Kelsey Crouch. I love those chicas!

I am excited for all the work that is being done here. I sent an email to my friend with all the things I am loving here. I will PS it. :)

Happy New Year y'all! It's 2014. I come home this year...

~Smiles from Sunrise
Sister Fields

I love the church.
 I love the gospel. 
 I love my Savior.
 I love my Father.
 I love my life.
 I love being here.
 I love being a missionary.
 I love you all.
 I love the Book of Mormon.
 I love the Bible.
 I love reciting the first vision.
 I love reading other missionaries emails home.
 I love being an example to my family.
 I love praying.
 I love sleep.
 I love Vegas sunsets.
 I love getting unexpected texts from investigators.
 I l love meeting new people every day.
 I love how on the days I feel the worst, my hair always looks great.
 I love doing service for members.
 I love looking through my old notes.
 I love updating the area book.
 I love long showers thinking about what I can do to improve myself as a rep of Jesus.
 I love Las Vegas. 
 I love the Las Vegas Temple.

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