Monday, June 23, 2014

WEEK 68- Wait... huh? Who's been telling everyone 9 months? oh ME!! haha :)

So the rumors are true! I am training this next transfer that starts tonight. What a blessing to have that "greenie fire" in  my companionship once again!!! There are a few sisters coming in from Mexico and the rest from the states. Please pray for here. I know how hard the transition from MTC to field was difficult and she'll need all the blessing she can get! I really am so excited. I have been giggly all day!! 
Don't get me wrong, I am going to miss Sister Stoker with my whole heart. She and I teach so well together and get along with such ease. Someone asked if we knew each other from school or from being companions earlier in the mission. Neither! haha. We street contacted someone who was willing to listen to a brief part of our message and we taught the whole restoration in 15 minutes. We are just cool like that.That lady told us about her mother just passing away and how she wants the best for her father.

OH MY GOSH we just got a call and have to help some sisters out... I guess I will finish this next week. Love you all

~Sister Fields

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