Monday, April 15, 2013

BLOB: A scary typo.

What a wonderful week.

Monday we taught Chad lesson two and he is just a genius child! We talked about The Plan of Salvation and he was so excepting of everything, asked good questions when he didn't understand and he was so curious as to why we thought things. He said he would begin daily scripture study and prayer. Pretty legit. We ate dinner at the Haucks. ENCHILADAS!

Tuesday we taught a girl who was baptized a few weeks ago, but her parents aren't members. She is so smart. She wants to share the gospel with all her friends! We also talked about General Conference with a few less active members in the ward. It's amazing what the words of the prophet can do for people all over the world. We went to Brother McQuarkle's for dinner and had manicotti with marinara and meatballs. He's Italian. Then we went to Preach My Gospel (a missionary study manual) class.

Wednesday we went to the hospital to sign up to be volunteer clergy in times of crisis. For families who need blessings or prayers they can contact us. I'm looking forward to someone taking advantage of that! We stopped by the Murray's, who have a son who just got back from a mission, to talk about how their Family Mission Plan (FMP) is going. They invited us to stay for dinner. What a blessing that at 4:45 we walk in on a Barbeque! After that we had a lesson with Kiel. He was worried that if he wanted to drink or curse or whatever later in his life that he would be punished more if he got baptized. We said "You are going to be held accountable for your knowledge, whether or not you are baptized you know those things are wrong." BOLD! That was crazy. He has been investigating for 2 years and he said that the best lesson he's had, like ever. Crazy! Apparently we didn't offend him too bad. Then we went to institute and talked about Kolob and eternity. I will always be confused. What is forever?! Oh my goodness... Let's change the subject!

Thursday! We went to visit a street contact, Dina. She has such a sad story. Her boyfriend moved her down here and she wants to go back to Utah to be with her family. I love my family so much. Being on a mission has taught me that family no longer means a man and woman getting married then having kids. And that they'll be married forever. It's so tough. But it's made me realize how much I love you, Mom and Dad! Thursday night we went to the Thayers. They were a little busy so we only talked to the husband. It was a great lesson. (Quick back story. I got a letter from Kim Williams saying how she read Ether 12 with some of her missionaries that were having a tough time. And I read it in personal study Thursday morning... OKAY!) So we went and decided to read a chapter from the Book of Mormon with Brother Thayer. He said "I can't tell you right now, but that has changed my life. I have needed to hear that this whole time." WHAT DID WE EVEN SAY? I don't even know. But he is ready to change his life because of it! It's amazing how things are just lined up perfectly! THEN HIM AND HIS WIFE CAME TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY!! :) :) :)
ps we had dinner at the Forsd, and I requested Biscuits and gravy. Not as good as Dad's, but delicious nonetheless.

Friday we didn't have anyone on the schedule for dinner but that's pizza night at the Kilauli's... so that's where we went!! :) Just your normal 3 hour weekly planning and teaching people. Just sunny good days here :)

Saturday we had a lesson planned at 11, 12 and 1 so we had no time for lunch. Luckily for us our 11 canceled so we took that time to clean up the apartment and eat. Then we went to our 12 and THEY CANCELED but we already took lunch time so we decided to just walk all the way up the street and back to see if there was anyone outside to talk to. TWO PEOPLE we talked to wanted us to come back and share the message with them. Pretty cool. It was great! Saturday night we went to a barbeque with the Batts and Duncans.

Yesterday Gina Stati gave her farewell talk. She leaves for two weeks to the MTC. She is going to the Milan Italy mission. CIPRIAN, I am sending pretty girls your way!! :) It would be so weird if Sarah Holloway, from home (remember the girl I took my missionary pictures with?) and her were companions!! :) We ate rice and barbeque chicken at the Bodily's!

As you can all tell I am going to get SUPER FAT and they are going to have to roll me onto the plane when I go home.

Sister Berger and I get along so well. She is so funny! I love that her and I have the same type of humor. There are so many weird pictures and funny 3 second videos that will be worth gold when I am old. I love it so much. This week to help out the missionaries in your area, FEED THEM SALAD FOR DINNER!! :) And invite your friends to meet them!

My personal Study is going so good. I love waking up in the morning and having a 3 hour time period that is just devoted to learning. It will surely help me when I am in college. I also love having one day that I do laundry, wash the car, wash my sheets, and grocery shop. It's such a blessing to be on a mission!! :)

Sister Fields <3

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