Monday, April 22, 2013

It's supposed to be 101* tomorrow... it's only April. BRING IT ON!

Shout out to my nephew!! :) :) :) :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINCOLN!! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU ARE ONE!! Auntie Emily misses you, but I just love you too dang much to be sad. I hope your day was the best day of your life so far!! :) You are the cutest stinker and I look forward to the pictures of the party I'm sure you had. (hint, hint Jenny. haha) 

Today I am just having the hardest time paying attention. I think I have mission on-set ADHD. I don't have to be doing anything so I don't want to be. It has taken me about 20 minutes to get these 3 sentences and the subject line in. I turned music on finally. That helps me to pay attention. AND I'M WEARING PANTS! That's always good. Not to get anything wrong. I love wearing a skirt, and doing my hair, and picking a completely different outfit everyday. BUT... It's nice to throw my hair up in a bun and just email. 
I love listening to music.
A lot.

YOU GUYS WANT TO HEAR ABOUT MY WEEK?? It was so weird. We didn't see that many people, but the people we saw were really good. We have to get our balance in teaching and finding. I have never been rejected so much, but it's also never been easier. I think to myself "I only wanted  you to be happier than you already are." So I didn't do anything wrong. We don't knock doors in this mission unless we have a name of someone inside. So if it is a member's neighbor and they say "Oh, Sally lives next door and might be interested in hearing your message." Then we go!! :) I love missionary work! It's so exciting. Everyday is different!

ANYWAYS. One thing we do do (... yeah) is talk to people we see in their garages, weeding, etc. We walked by a group of friends that were drinking and they were so nice... UNTIL another girl came out and got in my face. "Hi. Why are you guys here?" a foot away from my face. It was weird. One of the guys said "Hey step back, You're intimidating her." 
"Nawh," I replied. "I'm bigger than her." Everyone giggled and that really broke the ice. It was a good discussion after that. There are a lot of people who don't understand what we believe. Or understand it completely wrong.

I have fallen in love with reactivation. There are so many members of the church that have fallen away, but they have a testimony of the truth and a relationship with God. It's amazing to see a change, a re-lighting so to say. There is something special about that. There is a lady in our ward, Sister Wheatley, that hasn't been to church in many years. Something someone said a long time ago offended her and her son. I don't know why it stuck with her so long, but it hurt her. What happened was mean, but nothing is mean enough to keep you from your own salvation. I really love that we can apologize on behalf of that person, or even the church. We have that in our authority. I see a change in her, specifically. I love that woman so much. She reminds me a lot of Aunt Becky. I was upset when she wasn't at church on Sunday (lets just say I shed a few tears yesterday .. haha. It was good for me. It's the first time I've cried since being in the field. I feel so much better.) She promised that if we call her at 8am she will be there at 9am church next Sunday!! I'm going to hold her to that. 

We have talked to a lot of people that are ready to accept the gospel, but not ready to change their life style. It's an interesting dilemma. People see that it can make them happier, but they still don't want to do it. I just pray that one day something we (or someone else) says will really show the impact it can have on their lives. 

We also just had an investigator (Kiel, remember him?) CAUSALLY SAY "oh yeah, I was thinking about Lull baptizing me the first week in June." OKAY, BRO! WAY TO GOOO!!!! :) I was so excited I almost jumped out of my seat. He is going to be so blessed! He is going to be so much happier. I'm glad things are getting easier for him. 

Missionary work is the most rewarding thing ever. I love it. 

And I love you! :) 
Hugs from Havasu!!!! :)
Sister Fields 

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