Monday, April 1, 2013

log- five more days until my first month is up... WHOA.

DID YOU HEAR?? Of course all of you have. It's probably all over twitter and Facebook already! It's just weird that they announced it at the young women general conference instead of on Saturday! I called it everyone!! Not only am I a 19 year old missionary, but I'll be a TWO YEAR SISTER MISSIONARY!! Goodness my life plans change so often but WOOOO!! Now to talk my companion into it... BEST DAY EVER!! HAP-P DAY everyone!! :")
So much has happened this week. I love missionary work. Honestly I am so happy and every day I wake up ready to WORK! "Work, work, work. There is no satisfactory substitute. Especially in missionary work." ~Boyd K Packer! (I think) I've come to love morning excercise, especially considering how many people LOVE to feed their missionaries their best dinner and dessert. Next time you have the missionaries over feed them corn dogs and mac 'n' cheese. And let them do the dishes :) I promise you they will love that!
We are teaching someone named Keil. He is such a cool kid! he has been investigating the church for two years, though. I think too many missionaries have been babying him and it's time for him to learn for himself. We asked him to pray for a baptism date and spoke to him with the spirit. He was tearing up and we could tell that what he was feeling right then was the spirit. I love the Holy Ghost. He is our senior companion and He rocks at teaching people. We just speak with His words from our Father in Heaven. I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK. It's amazing the opportunity we have to look into peoples eyes and see their potential as servants of the Lord. That man needs the priesthood.
We also knocked on a door and the man said "You know, my wife was talking yesterday about how she wanted to go to church because it's Easter she just didn't know which one." Actually, sir, I didn't know... but I know someone who did! :)
We also went to a less active members home and she said "Today I prayed someone from the church would come." She was having a tough day and didn't want to go to church but she knew she needed the spirit. She bore her testimony and expressed her love for God. It's SO amazing to be the hands in the work. Little inspirations, simple thoughts for good. They come from God. WOW I LOVE THE GOSPEL.
I am grateful for my companion Sister Berger. She is so patient, loving, kind, and has a wonderful sense of humor. I couldn't ask for a better trainer. She just... gets me, ya know? :P

FUNNY STORY- someone confetti egged our car and wrote "Happy Easter Sisters" on it. I'll send pictures of that. Pretty funny. We had no idea who it was until this morning, after morning sports, the Elders sped past us in the parking lot and through the confetti bombs through our open windows. WOO for vacuuming and uncontrollable laughter!

Easter was GREAT. We went to the Kilauli's (FUN FACT! Brother Kilauli in my home ward here, Crossman Peak, is Brother Kelly Kalauli's, from St. Helens, brother! Small world!!) and the Elders Moreno and Salorzano and the Haucks were all there. It was like a big happy family dinner. Everyone was running behind schedule, stepping on each others toes in the kitchen and laughing the whole time. I loved it. We had ham and turkey, mashed potatoes, funeral potatoes, orange creme jello, peanut butter eggs, cheese puffs, delicious salad, and A WHOLE LOT MORE FOOD. It was so good. We shared a message about the Living Christ and it was wonderful. I love how the girls who are 8 -12 talk about how they want to be missionaries. It's so nice to see the strength in our youth.
We have had such a happy week. People to teach, funny jokes, lots of food, and the amazing power we receive to get us through longs days.
Busy week. I love teaching!
Love to you all!
~Sister Fields!!
ps. Happy April Fools Day ;)

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