Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I don't know where the time goes. I feel like I wrote one of these two days ago but it's been a whole week. I am glad to hear that I got a few of you with my April Fools joke. I told my district leader that my boyfriend sent me a ring in the mail and that I was gonna leave at the end of the week. Pretty funny. It's kinda mean thought because they don't even know my life so I could have said ANYTHING and they would have believed it. :) Oh goodness.

 We just started teaching a 19 year old boy named Chad. HE COULD GO ON A MISSION! He is so golden. He has a tesimony, loves Heavenly Father and Jesus and he is so open to praying and any other thing that will bring him closer to Christ. It's so wonderful to see a change in people. It's a rewarding job. We are also teaching Kiel, 26, and he is going to pray for when to be baptised. He says before the end of the month! I see these young boys as future righteous husbands and fathers, bishops, young mens' leaders, and awesome people. THEY ARE SO GREAT! :) I love teaching. I love it so much.

Sister Berger and I get along so well! She is so funny. I am laughing constantly. :) On our drive to and from the temple (about 6 and a half hours) we talked about everything under the sun. Her family sounds pretty awesome, too!

I'm going to carry around a sticky note in my planner to write down things I should say to everyone. I get here and don't know what to write. Next weeks should be good.

BUT. If you are a member or not, have all your friends call the missionaries and ask if they have a dinner opening this month. They would love to eat in every one's home. Feed them for me. Thank you!! :)


I love you all!

:) Sister Fields

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