Monday, July 8, 2013

Triple Baptism. #SisterAP

I have a couple shout outs today.
One to my lovely mother. Happy Birthday, Mom. I hope you are having a wonderful break away from me. I love you are you are the greatest example of a hard-working and loving mother. :) Expect something in the s'mail from me. 
Also, Hey Brother Mundy. Thanks for being a bro and reading my blog. 

This week has been really awesome. We have been working on strengthening our investigators relationships with Christ so they are more apt to keeping their commitments. We had a lesson on Saturday with a person who is overcoming a drug addiction. They were talking abut how they are so down seeing the long road ahead of becoming the new person they want to be. I felt SUPER inspired to say "You are already the person your Heavenly Father wants you to be, you are just doing a few things that He doesn't want you to do anymore." I wish I had the look of their eyes on a giant poster. You could tell that the Lord had trusted me with what to say to help that person at the very moment they needed it. It was a GREAT lesson.

All the things that have happened to us this week have been nothing short of miracles. I love knowing that I am doing good for these people.

I am sorry I don't have that much to write this week. I have a lot of stories that I will have to type out next week. 


And Happy July! :)
~Hermana Campos

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