Thursday, July 18, 2013

This week I spell baptism "novela"

WHAT AN AWESOME WEEK. I am so happy.

So on June 30th we got a text from Bishop Deru that said "I have an investigator at my house. Do you think you could be here in an hour?" OF COURSE!! We flew over there and met Mr. DJ Rule. You could tell that he was feeling a little emotional, but we weren't fully understanding the situation. We asked him if he has any questions and he couldn't think of any. We explained our role as missionaries and were super excited to teach him. We taught him of the restoration and Joseph Smith. We taught him about the Book of Mormon, how Heavenly Father has asked us to pray, and how we can know he is answering. He was intrigued with what we were saying, we could tell. At the end Sister Pence asked "Do you have any questions, DJ?"


"Well... one..."

My brain is thinking, "OH MY GOSH! HE THINKS WE ARE POLYGAMISTS, or that our church was started by a lizard. I wonder if he is going to ask the caffeine question.." Seriously, my mind was racing. His few seconds of contemplating how to word his questions cause my mind to swirl, I prayed silently how to respond.

"...I guess I just want to know..."

SISTER FIELDS FREAK OUT during DJ's dramatic pause. 

"How do you actually join the church?"

That was not what I was expecting but what pleasant surprise. He then went on to explain how he had been coming to church for a while because his fiance invited him. When she moved he kept going... without her. That lead to him being kicked out of his own church and he really didn't care beyond his parents disappointment. What a STRONG testimony of the Book of Mormon this boy has, and he only had the "app" on his phone. THANK YOU to the inspired, intelligent people who made it possible for Douglas Joel to gain a testimony on his own. He came to us prepared.

DJ accepted baptism on July 13th, and we met with him everyday to teach him all the lessons and to help him grow in faith toward his Savior Jesus Christ. DJ expressed to us that he was not going to tell his fiance about it because she could not make it down because of funds and work. We were all going to respect his wishes of not letting the word out and keeping it a small affair... Until Bishop Hansen found out! Within HOURS of church calls were made. :)

DJ's baptism was at 10:00 in the morning, and at 9:55 in comes Brittanie. She just plopped herself right next to him in his all whites. He was stunned. He hadn't seen her since May and broke down crying. Both of them had a wonderful day. It was amazing to see how people had all worked together to make his "special day" that much more special-er. :) I teared up a little bit.
Then the conductor of the program announced I was going to be giving the talk on baptism and I didn't know until that moment. Needless to say, it went well. I mostly just told the story of DJ and bore my testimony with a few scriptures. I am so happy for them. They are deciding to push their wedding back a couple months to be married in the temple. :) WHAT A MIRACLE!! 

We were also able to have 18 lessons with investigators in which members attended. What a blessing! We average 7, so that was CRAY. :) We are working so hard that we can't help but sleep all night. We are being fed every night. We are happy. I am SO happy. :)

Thank you for all your prayers, but don't stop. When I think about you thinking about me I am motivated to work hard. I know that I can nap when I get home so there is no need to slow down right now. We are working so hard that we have lessons for three hours during our "preperation day" hours. :P I love it. 

"Missionary work isn't another thing to do,
it's the only thing to do."

from your hot (130*) friend
Sister Molly Molly Bo Bolly Fe Fi Foe Folly Molly Fields!! :) 

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