Monday, July 29, 2013

Transfer news, I'm moving North!

Sister Fields is.... DRUM ROLL....

where the GRASS is green and sometimes the sun doesn't shine. I AM SO EXCITED! I'm going to Vegas. And I will be training. And I will be in three stakes of singles wards. I'm not quite sure how much church that means yet... But however much I am looking forward to it! 

I am going to miss Lake Havasu City, Arizona. It has been to me. I have learned so much and made so many friends. Haucks, DJ, the Thayers, Sister Bayne, Kiel, the Duncans and Meemaw, Mundys,  Sister Petry, Bishop and Sister Hansen, Brother Nelson, Auntie Dianie, the Harkers, and so many wonderful people of the Crossman Peak Ward! I am grateful for the many delicious meals, spiritual lessons and laughs I have shared with the people here. They feel like family. It is an odd feeling I feel right now. I feel like I am packing up my things,putting them in the car, and leaving everything here... I have never been a missionary outside of Havasu and I don't know what it will be like besides wonderful! I can already feel my mantle being lifted from here and moved to  the other ward. I love these people with all my heart, and I'm ready to love the other people too.... It's so weird!! I guess I will let you know how the other area is.
Hey, I'll be about 200 miles closer to home, too :P 

This week I got food poisoning. I threw up for a day and a half and didn't eat for the next two. Lucky for me I lost 6 pounds... And now I fell 100% again. It wasn't as bad as it could have been! Also... my curling iron blew up. I was talking to my lovely companion when she says "SHUT IT OFF!" I look down and my curling wand is smoking, sparking, and catches on fire... needless to say I threw it away. Straight hair for days, here I come! :) This week we also taught some really powerful spiritual lessons, we had some amazing church meetings, and I cried testifying of my love for my Savior. He's a pretty cool guy. I'm just feeling very... grateful! :)

This week was odd. The emotions of a missionary are roller coaster to the max. This week I just want to tell you all about my amazing companion! Sister pence is a fiery ginger and she is beautiful. She is confident and humble, she is bold and loving, she is caring and fun, and most of all she is a wonderful example of a good person. She strives to make her Heavenly Father happy, in turn she makes all those around her happy. her way of giving compliments is the best ever! She makes me fell of worth and successful. She has taught me many life lessons I will never forget. Sister Rebekah Pence is all around amazing. One day she wants to be a mother, and I know she will make an EXCELLENT mother. I am more than grateful to God for rpeaparing her to be with me at this time in her life. She will make an exceptional trainer. Family, I cannot wait for you to meet her. You will love her. I hope you do already! 

Until next week
Hugs from HAVASU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sister Mawwly Fields

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