Monday, March 10, 2014

369 days, 30 pounds, 1100 miles, however you measure, it I have come a LONG way! :)

I have been on 2 exchanges in the last 7 days. It is so fun to take time to go to other sisters' areas to pirate their ideas, meet their investigators, and get to know them as Daughters of God a little better. :) I went to Sister Harrison and Smith's area both times, with Smith first. I love to see the ways that people interact in different situations. The high light of both exchanges was Serenity- a 7 year old who can't wait 3 weeks to turn 8 to be baptized. Her grandma is a member but her parents aren't. She is a skinny little, quiet, red-head, and the apple of my eye!! hahaha. I forgot how much I love to teach children until we taught her the plan of salvation on day and the gospel of Jesus Christ the other. I felt like I was in my element when I was explaining to her the importance of following God's commandments. I am super grateful for the time that I got to teach her. I don't know why I am explaining this so much but... it was a highlight of my week. :)
We had zone training meeting and mission leadership council this week. I did a training on faith, and how we can not only use it to strengthen our knowledge but also our power. I really feel like it was mostly for me! I need to apply the things I know and I will be more successful. It didn't go as well as I wanted it to but I really like to be in front of a full room of missionaries and feel of the great cause the Lord has set before us! :) Woo! Being a missionary is the greatest thing!!
The zone leaders gave us a commitment to improve our numbers by 2 each week ( meaning work with two more souls each week ) and we are doing it! I am actually proud of where we are at right now. I need to fine tune a few things, but I feel like this next 6 months is the time to sprint!! I feel it! Hahahaha. I am just super motivated and happy and just really ready to get down to business!! :)
We are really working on having a member with us all the time! I love getting to know people between lessons. Everyone's conversion story is so unique! I love this ward. I am going to be so sad to leave!! But I know I have a home to come to here! :)

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