Monday, March 17, 2014

Hurry... I am going crazy sitting at this computer!

This computer is fast. With one exception; loading pictures. So I have spent most of my time doing that. I am going to bullet point this week!  :) I love everyone! I hope that you had a fabulous week! I certainly did. I feel like I am sprinting, and I love it!
  • Monday I had a DR apt in the other mission: those are complete for a while!! WOO HOO! I'm not dying!! :)
  • We taught Elisha this week after a long break. She seems like now is a good, humble time for her to be learning more. Her baby is so cute. I am happy that she let us in. We talked about the Book of Mormon and she admitted to staying up a little too late to read- we were far from disappointed in her! 
  • Tuesday was Zone Conference- my favorite trainings were about eating healthy and companionship unity. I love Sister Kelepi. I want to tell her all the time that she is the best ever so that she knows it too. I have also resolved to have green smoothies for breakfast. Gotta look good at Craig's wedding! I only have 6 months left on my mission!
  • We exchanged with Northstar. I was Sister Roberts companion in their area.
  • no exchanges we taught a lesson to a less active member and committed him to keeping the sabbath day holy. Within 48 hours his friend called him to offer him a job- he took it and promised to never miss a Sunday again! #miracles!!
  • We street contacted a young, black, Protestant minister. He talked most of the time about how much he loves how Mormon girls dress. He said that he thinks we are "fabulous," "super cute," and "just the most adorable things he's ever seen." Then he told us all about his boyfriend Rashard. We would be friends!! hahaha
  • We love Karina Wiberg and Denise McDade! Just sayin'
  • We had an emergency Sister Training Leader's Meeting. Turns out is was to get us all together so we could be the pictures for the cover story on Desert News when the April general conference comes out! Be looking out for that! I am excited!
  • Sister Pence, Bohling, Berger and I went down to Havasu on Saturday for the Sanchez' baptism! I love their family so much!! Their testimonies after were so tender. It was so cute to watch them hug. They were talking the whole time about how they can't wait to be a forever family. As much fun as it was to see all my old friends my favorite part was watching Sister Sanchez watch her husband get baptized! That is what JOY looks like.
I am so grateful for my opportunity to be here on a mission. I see miracles every day! Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love us like family-because that is exactly what we are. I love to be here, and I love to know that I will be able to come and visit my holy land when ever I want! I am so blessed. I miss you, family. I think of you often and I feel your prayers! You are my heart!!
With all my love!
Sister Molly Fields
TEMPLE TRIP! We did comp study at the temple on Sunday. The weather was BEAUTIFUL!!!

MORNING SPORTS!! This was the other team this morning!

OUR TEAM! not as cool... hahaa

These two lovely folks are The Egans. I love them with all my heart. You can't see their tags in this picture but they are full-time proselyting missionaries. Elder Egan served his first mission in Mexico. They are now in our zone and I seriously wish I could just follow them around for a day to learn to be more successful!



Me, The Bergster! and Brother HAAAAAAAAUCK! (Arizona's finest ward mission leader!)

SO many people in Nevada have personalized license plates. Here are just a few... 

What else can be said!?

Sad day?

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