Monday, March 3, 2014


I can not even believe that my little brother is 18 years old. I am seriously so happy! He is my favorite human being and he is an "adult" today.

Okay... let's be real. He isn't an adult yet. But he is older!! I love Eli Fields and I am so grateful that on his birthday every year I get to remember that I started the best 18 months for my life! His day has become my favorite day. When I come home, Eli, I will take you to Panda and then Jamba for dessert! #promised
Yesterday around 10am President just calls and says "Good morning Sisters. I am coming to your ward today!" OKAY! PANIC TIME! Quick. Call the bishop. Call all of our investigators for the millionth time and get them all rides! Am I wearing a dressy enough outfit. What do we have planned for right after? Oh my lanta! And then I had a revelation. I thought I am ready.. and we were! We had rides for all our investigators. We had a meeting with Bishop right before church. I was dressed appropriately (like always... It's just like, different when you are around president. Not just appropriate-but our BEST) and I was happy. It was a testament to me about how important it is to be clean all the time because Christ could come any day and I want to be ready to do whatever he needs me to do! :) I am just... sharing my insights!
Charlie got engaged this week. If I stay in this area one more transfer I bet I will see my THIRD ward mission leader in the same area. It is crazy to think how long I have been here - since July!
I went on exchanges with Sister Gee (a temple square sister) and she and I set our investigator Kevin for baptism. The spirit was so strong. When we were reciting Joseph Smith's journal account of what happened when he prayed for the first time out loud we asked Kevin to close his eyes. When he opened them back up again his eyes were filled with tears... He was speechless. Even though I have said it a million times I felt like I was saying it just for him for the first time in my whole life. He is working on his goal date- March 29th. We are praying all day long he receives the strength to make it to that day- we know it's possible! I know  he can!!
The only other exciting thing we had this week was Sister's Luncheon.... erm... "Specialized Sister's Training" is what they want us to call it now. It was very refreshing. Not one talked about flirting or immodesty- I feel like those whole time was focused on the good things that happen as a Sister and that we are capable of much more than we can even imagine. I am grateful for all the senior sisters and their touching testimonies. I love them. I have found so many good role models to pattern my life after! I wish I would have brought my notes to share with all of you. I loved how all the sisters talked about real life things not just missionary moments we need to perfect. I just feel so... competent! :)
Sorry for not writing a lot today. I am a little shaky and it is hard to focus. But I am happy! And I am loving life!!
Smiling in Sunrise!
Sister Fields!!
Exchanges: Which door do we knock on?

Patrick's favorite thing to do is hide from us so we don't kick him out when we have to shut the door.
Sometimes... when sister Kelepi is sick... I take weird selfies!

mirror pic of one of my cute outfits this week. I thought Mom would approve :)

Just good ol' Vegas! It "rained" this week. I was seriously SO happy!


Vegas doesn't have ash cans. They have word of wisdom trash cans! I wish everything in it was full!

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