Tuesday, March 25, 2014

ONE MORE WEEK IN sunRISE! I can not even believe how fast the time has gone by!

I am torn. I know that I am leaving this next week so all of my spare time is spent packing. It is so hard to go though 9 months of memories. I love my family here in Sunrise and it is already hard to leave. I am really grateful for all the people who have helped me change my life. I know that I will be back to visit and I will have plenty of places to stay! I can not wait to introduce all of you to the people that are so close to the temple! I have been able to see the wonderful transformation of so many people- my ward, companions, investigators, recent converts, friends, and myself. I know I am rambling but this isn't a feeling I have felt before. I am grateful to the Lord for all His miracles He miracles He shared with us this week. We were able to meet so many people with so much potential this week. I promised Sister Neider that I would leave this area with a million dollars hidden in every pocket! And that is what He is helping us to do!
We are teaching a sweet girl named Marly. She had a bad experience with Elders in the past. They told her to read chapters of the Book of Mormon and to write a page essay about it so they know she understood it. She told them that she hated the Book of Mormon because of that. We know that isn't true. It's like when you hate cleaning your room because your mom forces you to, but you love having a clean room... We read a chapter with her and it turns out she just doesn't understand a lot of the lingo. So we answered a few of her questions and promised to read on her own. She is so cute. She decided that she wants to pick her own baptism date- she wants to pray and read and go to church until she recieves her answer but she knows she will get it!
I am sorry I have been bad at telling stories. I will keep a note card with me this week so I can tell you all about this week next Monday! I am too excited to go out and teach today! :) Write me??
I love you all!! Like more than I have ever been able to explain!
~Sister Fields

Sister Kelepi and I matched his week. 1st time on purpose and 2nd time on accident!

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