Monday, August 25, 2014

Ether 12:27

I am seriously so lazy today. It's getting harder and hard to think of things to write home about.
Bullet point week? I THINK SO!

I taught gospel principles for the millionth time this past Sunday. I actually really love teaching the gospel. Just so everyone knows. You might even call it a passion. Or an obsession.

We went to Claim Jumpers with our Relief Society president on Thursday night. She is so fun to talk to. Her husband proposed to her when they weren't even dating, they were just good friends. She thought about it for a YEAR before saying yes. It was such a great story. :)

David Ortega's baptism was Saturday. That was a sacred experience. My favorite part was his testimony. He said he would pray every night no be led to the truth. Honestly, we had no idea what was happening between visits. it was a privilege to be able to go and to share my testimony with him. AND his family came!! :)

MY HALF BIRTHDAY was this week. I am officially 20 and a half y'all!! And my 17 months. That is insane.

I had a total epiphany this week about faith vs trust. It's amazing how God really requires so little from us. Just that we come to Him and trust that what He has done for us is truly for US then we are healed. I have seen Ether 12:27 ( in ACTION on my mission and in my personal life. I am so grateful this week for my Savior and for Him doing just that- saving me. There is a sweet spirit that comes into one's heart when they feel they have nothing left and God is holding their heart and hand in His. 

Sister Tui had a sick day. Hence the epiphanies. I studied and cleaned all day long. That was refreshing, but I realized just how much I love to work in God's kingdom!

We started biking this week. Our ward mission leader's wife does a Pilates class every Wednesday morning. We go, and we take investigators with us. It was fun to get two hard workouts in one day. Sister Tui was given a bike from a sister that just left. She was so funny the next day trying to explain, in Samoan, the word "sore" to me. I was kind of mean and was teasing her. I told her I didn't know what she meant and that Americans don't get sore... hahaha. I know, I know. I told her sorry! 

I don't think there is much more to report on. Just the day to day fun things. 

I love you all,


~Sister Fields

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