Monday, August 25, 2014

SING IT WITH ME! If you could hie to Portland in the twinkiling of an eye.....

Last Monday was super boring- it's incredible how only a few people in a zone of missionaries can change and the whole dynamic flips. Sister Tui and I, however, insisted on playing sports- woo hoo for being the cool kid who can't play very well at all. Sister Tui and I talked afterward about how it's a good thing I don't get embarrassed easily because I do a lot of embarrassing things....
My beautiful companion is an extremely talented UKULELE PLAYER! So we borrowed one from a family in the ward and we wrote a song! Of course you can't hear how it goes but here are the lyrics!

Here in Anthem things are different
people have nice cars and big houses 
but one thing we see is missing
and we'll tell you- here we are.
God, He knows you. He is listening.
You're His child and He loves you so,
and He knows you have a small hole,
and that's where the gospel goes.
We'll answer questions that you've never asked,
find the path you're already on.
Families can be together forever 
and it starts with our song.
Joseph Smith, he was a prophet.
He restored the truths we lost.
Christ's church is the church we go to-
and it's free of any cost.
God's plan makes us happy.
It started long before your birth-
We told God that we would come here
and live our life on this Earth.
But the center of this message
is His Only Begotten Son,
by His grace and by His mercy
are we saved and loved as one.
Here in Anthem things are different,
people have nice cars and big houses.
But one thing we see is missing,
and we'll tell you- it is love.

It was a big hit! Hahah. We sang it at the zone conference for the President and everyone. It was so fun to see people's reactions because they could sympathize with exactly how we felt- things ARE different because of money, it takes a special wealthy person to be humble enough to listen to this kind of a message. I just love to sing so so much- I feel like my testimony can come across so much easier through music than just through words. I certainly love this gospel :) That's for sure!!

Okay- so there is this cute little family that lives in our complex that we see all the time and we really want to talk with them! haha. They are always just out of our reach, so to say, when we see them. The look like they have two boys about the same age and maybe another little baby in a stroller. They are just so tender! 

Anyways- oh! We also got a referral from our Bishop this week. He said he talked to a protective grandma who was worried about one of her grandchildren. She is a convert to the gospel and she really wanted to give him the same opportunities that come through this church that she does- so Bishop set up an appointment with him so that he could get to know him a little better. The boy agreed to let missionaries come over. So we knocked on his door Thursday night and THE CUTE FAMILY ANSWERED THE DOOR!! Apparently the boy, Aaron, and his sister, the mom of the cute little family, are brother and sister! So we met them all! It was such a miracle. We have another appointment with them tonight :) I am so excited- for real! God answers prayers in the most round about ways sometimes!

I also had exchanges with Sister Schenk... The LAST exchange of my mission. Man, we have both grown so much. It was so incredible to be able to see how much, in just a year and a half, the Lord is able to work with us. We talked to tons of people and biked the whole day- OH AND I GOT SUNBURNED. For the first time on my mission, which is a blessing. I am sold on essential oils. I mixed some lavender with just normal lotion I had and it is tan already. I love it! :) I learned that I need a lot more faith than I have. And I am working on that! 

OH how I loved this week- and OH how I love my companion :)

All my love,
Sister Fields

p.s. EVERYONE NEEDS TO WATCH THIS. Mom, you should show this for family home evening tonight! :)
SOOO GOOOOOOOOD! :D #ShareGoodness

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