Monday, August 25, 2014

I wanna be a skinny girl right now. I don't wanna wait until I'm home! (To the tune of I want to be a missionary now!)

Monday- we had a lesson with Grandpa Lloyd and finished the Restoration. He had NO problems with any piece and seemed to understand it all! :) 
Tuesday- we read the Book of Mormon together to help him understand a little more about the story line. He was completely enthralled the whole time! :) 
Wednesday- on exchanges Sister Tui taught faith, repentance, and baptism! Heralded the whole time about how excited he was for his re-birth day :)
Thursday- he didn't answer the phone....
Friday- his Sister from Utah called us and explained his hard situation. She went into details about his past and how he really needs the gospel in his life. Se cried and thanked us for all the help we have been. Patty called us guardian angels multiple times! It was incredible and Sister Tui and I were built up so much:)
An hour later Grandpa Lloyd called and dropped us...Sister Tui and I just sat in the car and cried. There is one thing in missionary work that you can never get over and that is being dumped when you know someone KNOWS that what we share is true. Rejection? That gets easy after the first month or two. Being tired? Your body adjusts to the schedule. Missing family? I've never loved Christmas so much. But when things like this happen it's so....heart breaking. Especially after praying and fasting for so long to find someone like him. He really needs the gospel, and it really needs him. We just love him with our entire hearts! It's weird to explain. I'm am so sure that Christ spent his whole life heart broken because He really could tell what this could do for people. 
Anyways- that was a hard thing.

A highlight of the week was exchanges! Sister Rebekka Schenk is literally one of my best friends! She taught me how to get control of myself and how I can make myself happy.

SPEAKING OF HAPPY! Today for P-Day we went to play mini-golf and laser tag... I felt like a real person for a second. It was weird. Ad it was fun! I love our zone seriously. I think in real life we would all try to be friends... But not really. Anyways. I wish I could explain the feeling.

I am doing well. The weather is bearable but extreme! My clothes fit. I don't smell. All is well, all is well!
Sister Molly Fields

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